Croydon, Surrey, England



Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball, Rose Amelia  Apr 1900Croydon, Surrey, England I4584
2 Ballard, Lillian Rose E  Sep 1885Croydon, Surrey, England I27941
3 Crocker, Elizabeth Jane  1861Croydon, Surrey, England I5860
4 Fitzroy, Harold Charles Cavendish  8 Jun 1870Croydon, Surrey, England I22724
5 Garrard, Doreen   I2105
6 Graham, Nancy Marion  12 Aug 1907Croydon, Surrey, England I4289
7 Jasper, Albert E T   I29898
8 Jasper, Albert George  Mar 1890Croydon, Surrey, England I5848
9 Jasper, Albert Richard  6 May 1916Croydon, Surrey, England I29892
10 Jasper, Elizabeth Jane  Jun 1877Croydon, Surrey, England I30946
11 Jasper, Irene L   I29897
12 Jasper, John Richard  Jun 1886Croydon, Surrey, England I5851
13 Jasper, Thomas Charles  22 Jun 1884Croydon, Surrey, England I5849
14 Jasper, Violet B   I29893
15 Jasper, William David  Mar 1888Croydon, Surrey, England I5850
16 Jasper, William Thomas  25 May 1911Croydon, Surrey, England I29891
17 Jinks, Stanley A   I10880
18 Jones, Colin T   I11296
19 Jones, Elaine M   I11361
20 Lawrence, Leonard D   I28819
21 Lucas, Hazel   I81
22 Milson, Tom Leigh   I24896
23 Newnham, Winifred Marjorie  24 May 1917Croydon, Surrey, England I4599
24 Ockenden, Annie Louise   I29078
25 Ockenden, John F   I29079
26 Ockenden, Kitty E   I1773
27 Ockenden, Peggy M  27 Nov 1920Croydon, Surrey, England I1774
28 Ockenden, Ronald R   I29080
29 Pedersen, Mabel M  27 Nov 1906Croydon, Surrey, England I14790
30 Roffey, Emily Lucy  Sep 1849Croydon, Surrey, England I30945
31 Sherwood, Anthony J   I12194
32 Sherwood, Bertie  14 Oct 1912Croydon, Surrey, England I11152
33 Sherwood, Christopher Robert   I12185
34 Sherwood, Ian A   I12197
35 Sherwood, John Richard   I12179
36 Sherwood, Joyce M L   I11166
37 Sherwood, Laurence Christopher   I12180
38 Sherwood, Mark J   I12198
39 Sherwood, Walter Clare   I10947
40 Sherwood, Winifred M   I11165
41 Soames, Hon. Nicholas Winston   I351
42 Strudwick, Arthur Loyal A  20 Mar 1913Croydon, Surrey, England I29894
43 Strudwick, Patricia J   I29895
44 Summersby, Stephen   I87
45 Whitehead, Samina Diana  Sep 1848Croydon, Surrey, England I4600


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Jasper, Thomas Charles  3 Aug 1884Croydon, Surrey, England I5849


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Archer, Esther Joy  Dec 1977Croydon, Surrey, England I30085
2 Bell, Sarah Jane  Jan 1902Croydon, Surrey, England I2072
3 Burgess, Emily Louisa  Mar 1963Croydon, Surrey, England I5862
4 Drummond, Robert  29 Apr 1881Croydon, Surrey, England I25070
5 Ellice, General Robert  1856Croydon, Surrey, England I14355
6 English, Alice Maud  Jan 1955Croydon, Surrey, England I8690
7 Golds, Winifred May  Dec 2003Croydon, Surrey, England I174
8 Groves, Maria  Jun 1888Croydon, Surrey, England I5836
9 Jasper, Albert George  Dec 1965Croydon, Surrey, England I5848
10 Jasper, Albert Richard  12 Nov 1916Croydon, Surrey, England I29892
11 Jasper, Alice  Jul 1874Croydon, Surrey, England I5846
12 Jasper, Charles  Jun 1918Croydon, Surrey, England I5840
13 Jasper, George  Oct 1891Croydon, Surrey, England I5835
14 Jasper, Maria  Dec 1886Croydon, Surrey, England I5839
15 Jasper, Rose  Dec 1949Croydon, Surrey, England I5857
16 Jasper, Thomas  Dec 1932Croydon, Surrey, England I5845
17 Jasper, William David  Mar 1941Croydon, Surrey, England I5850
18 Jasper, William Thomas  Dec 1974Croydon, Surrey, England I29891
19 Musgraves, John William  Oct 1912Croydon, Surrey, England I380
20 Newnham, Winifred Marjorie  Jul 1981Croydon, Surrey, England I4599
21 Paget, Caroline  11 Jun 1880Croydon, Surrey, England I16119
22 Palin, Clara  Jul 1949Croydon, Surrey, England I1486
23 Prescott, Charles Elton  23 May 1832Croydon, Surrey, England I3638
24 Prescott, Charles Elton W  1904Croydon, Surrey, England I3645
25 Sherwood, Bertie  Oct 1973Croydon, Surrey, England I11152
26 Sherwood, Michael  Apr 1914Croydon, Surrey, England I4010
27 Sherwood, Walter Clare  Jul 1957Croydon, Surrey, England I8686
28 Sherwood, Walter Thomas Nixon  Jan 1931Croydon, Surrey, England I8684
29 Sherwood, William John  Oct 1967Croydon, Surrey, England I8692
30 Stanley, Annie Louisa  Mar 1969Croydon, Surrey, England I29896
31 Strudwick, Arthur Loyal A  Apr 1993Croydon, Surrey, England I29894
32 Western, Patrick Donald  Nov 1995Croydon, Surrey, England I4538
33 Woods, Charlotte Augusta  Oct 1949Croydon, Surrey, England I8685


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Foster / Allingham  Jun 1900Croydon, Surrey, England F177
2 Jasper / Bunce  Oct 1899Croydon, Surrey, England F4264
3 Jasper / Burgess  25 Dec 1909Croydon, Surrey, England F4271
4 Jasper / Crocker  Dec 1878Croydon, Surrey, England F4265
5 Jasper / Jasper  Sep 1907Croydon, Surrey, England F4272
6 Jasper / Roffey  Apr 1875Croydon, Surrey, England F20532
7 Jasper / Stanley  Sep 1916Croydon, Surrey, England F4269
8 Jasper / Webb  Dec 1913Croydon, Surrey, England F4270
9 Jasper / Williams  25 Dec 1881Croydon, Surrey, England F4267
10 Jinks / Sherwood  Apr 1916Croydon, Surrey, England F6153
11 Jones / Sherwood   F7071
12 Musgrave / Whyte   F17362
13 Ockenden / Halsey  Mar 1919Croydon, Surrey, England F1291
14 Sherwood / Britt   F7581
15 Sherwood / English  Jan 1906Croydon, Surrey, England F6152
16 Stokes / Ballard  Apr 1921Croydon, Surrey, England F18667
17 Strudwick / Jasper   F18894
18 Summersby / Lucas   F62
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