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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acheson, Sir Archibald 1st Bt.  1579Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I14523
2 Acheson, Sir George 3rd Bt.  1629Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I14524
3 Alexander, Wilhemina Lindsay  1860Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I7659
4 Anstruther, Lt.-Col. Sir Robert of Balcaskie 5th Bt.  28 Aug 1834Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I15186
5 Baird, Christina Maria Hersey  1812Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I3086
6 Balfour, Eglantine Charlotte Louisa  1819Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I25396
7 Balfour, Gerald William 2nd Earl of Balfour  9 Apr 1853Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I30395
8 Balfour, Colonel John 7th of Balbirnie  29 Mar 1811Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I18900
9 Bosville Macdonald, Lt.-Gen. Godfrey 3rd Baron Macdonald of Slate  14 Oct 1775Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I17604
10 Boyd, Marion  1583Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I14497
11 Boyle, David 7th Earl of Glasgow  31 May 1833Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I25643
12 Boyle, George Frederick 6th Earl of Glasgow  9 Oct 1825Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I17887
13 Boyle, John  9 Sep 1819Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I25638
14 Boyle, Patrick  29 Mar 1806Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I25636
15 Boyle, Sir Patrick James 8th Earl of Glasgow  18 Jun 1874Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I25677
16 Campbell, Adelaide Constance  1804Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I17990
17 Campbell, Rt. Rev. Archibald Ean 12th of Skipness  1 Jun 1856Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I30970
18 Campbell, Lady Edith  7 Nov 1849Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I9876
19 Campbell, Lieutenant Lord George Granville  25 Dec 1850Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I18435
20 Carnegie, Charles Alexander 11th Earl of Southesk  23 Sep 1893Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I23064
21 Carnegie, Lady Dora Susan  1863Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I22384
22 Carnegie, James 9th Earl of Southesk  16 Nov 1827Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I22356
23 Carnegie, Rt. Hon. Sir Lancelot Douglas  26 Dec 1861Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I22383
24 Carnegie, Hon. Robert Francis  6 May 1869Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I22386
25 Cathcart, Lt.-Gen. Charles Schaw 9th Lord Cathcart  21 Mar 1721Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I15341
26 Charteris, Lady Evelyn  17 Oct 1851Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I19702
27 Charteris, Francis Richard 10th Earl of Wemyss  4 Aug 1818Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I19693
28 Charteris, Lady Hilda  13 Oct 1854Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I19704
29 Charteris, Hugo Richard 11th Earl of Wemyss  25 Aug 1857Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I19705
30 Clark, Mary Macallum  1878Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I29546
31 Cochrane, Admiral Hon. Sir Alexander Forrester  22 Apr 1758Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I16944
32 Crichton-Stuart, Lady Jean  28 Oct 1908Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I28466
33 Douglas, Blanche  1857Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I19540
34 Douglas, Major George Sholto  27 Apr 1858Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I19541
35 Duff, Alexander William George 1st Duke of Fife  10 Nov 1849Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I21491
36 Duff, Lady Anne Elizabeth Clementina  16 Aug 1847Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I21490
37 Duff, James 5th Earl of Fife  6 Jul 1814Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I21488
38 Elphinstone, John 3rd Lord Balmerinoch  18 Feb 1623Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I10595
39 Erskine, Brig.-Gen. Hon James Francis  4 Jun 1862Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I20363
40 Erskine, Walter John Francis 14th Earl of Kellie  29 Aug 1865Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I16704
41 Fleming, Janet  16 Nov 1613Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I17564
42 Forbes, Mary Anne  1845Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I16703
43 Grant, John  1799Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I22308
44 Greville, Hon. Alwyne Henry Fulke  9 Feb 1854Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I31006
45 Hamilton, Lady Isabel  18 Feb 1595Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I13444
46 Hamilton-Gordon, John Campbell 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair  3 Aug 1847Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I15761
47 Hay, Elizabeth  4 Feb 1797Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I25648
48 Hay-Mackenzie, Ann Countess of Cromartie  21 Apr 1829Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I19390
49 Hepburn-Forbes, Sir John Stuart 8th Bt.  25 Sep 1804Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I23175
50 Hepburne-Scott, Walter George 9th Lord Polwarth  7 Feb 1864Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I15769

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baillie, Evan Peter Montagu of Dochfour  9 Nov 1874Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I19278
2 Baillie, Colonel James Evan Bruce of Dochfour  6 May 1931Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I22318
3 Campbell, Archibald 1st Marquess of Argyll  27 May 1661Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I11732
4 Campbell, Jean  2 Apr 1853Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I15287
5 Cuninghame, William 9th Earl of Cuninghame  27 Jan 1664Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I14149
6 Douglas, Archibald Earl of Angus  1655Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I11597
7 Duff, Lady Anne  1805Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I20306
8 Forbes, Atholl Monson 20th Lord Forbes  31 Jan 1916Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I13606
9 Gordon, Isabel  23 Apr 1769Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I19382
10 Graham, Isabella  4 Mar 1818Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I27023
11 Grant, James 7th of Freuchie  Sep 1663Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I12536
12 Kerr, Lady Mary  22 Jan 1735Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I15828
13 Manners, Lady Elizabeth Emily  22 Jul 1924Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I21883
14 Maxwell, Sir William 3rd Bt.  22 Aug 1771Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I13164
15 Maxwell, Willielma  17 Jul 1786Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I5582
16 Montgomerie, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1822Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I16109
17 Montgomerie, Lady Jean  20 Feb 1745Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I13155
18 Montgomerie, John Master of Eglinton  28 Apr 1520Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I10729
19 Murray, Sir William of Ochtertyne 3rd Bt.  20 Oct 1739Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I9853
20 Nugent, Walter 1st Baron Nugent  24 Oct 1864Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I5079
21 Ramsay, Katherine Marjory  21 Oct 1960Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I3214
22 Rawdon-Hastings, Lady Sophia Frederica Christina  28 Dec 1859Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I11552
23 Shaw, Marion  21 Mar 1733Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I15339
24 Sinclair, George 4th Earl of Caithness  9 Sep 1582Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I13188
25 Sinclair, John Master of Berriedale  Sep 1639Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I13274
26 Stewart, Walter 1st Earl of Atholl  26 Mar 1437Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I9051
27 Villiers, Reverend Henry Montagu  9 Sep 1908Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I23663
28 Watts, Ann  29 Dec 1793Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I17865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Acheson, Sir George 3rd Bt.  4 Aug 1629Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I14524
2 Anstruther, Sir Robert of Balcaskie 3rd Bt.  21 Apr 1733Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I15166
3 Lindsay, Sir David 1st Lord Lindsay of Balcarres  17 Mar 1587Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland I9908


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Calder / Scott  7 Dec 1711Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F11764
2 Campbell / Cuninghame  27 Apr 1735Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F17608
3 Campbell / Tollemache  12 Mar 1677Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F9187
4 Campbell / Villiers  29 Nov 1810Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F12082
5 Cuninghame / Stewart  20 Feb 1704Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F8879
6 Duff / Sinclair  4 Jun 1759Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F9084
7 Hay-Mackenzie / Murray  3 May 1790Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F12979
8 Lane / Sandford  1 Jul 1816Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F8864
9 Laurie / Ruthven  18 Jul 1763Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F10595
10 Lindsay / Dalrymple  24 Oct 1749Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F10260
11 Livingston / Fleming  23 Jun 1635Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F11807
12 Macdonald / Montgomerie  24 Apr 1739Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F9001
13 Murray / Drummond  7 May 1749Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F2254
14 Murray-Aynsley / Campbell  7 Jun 1859Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F2640
15 Stewart / Kennedy  14 Dec 1561Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F9073
16 Stuart / Ainslie  7 Jan 1801Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F12353
17 Stuart / Rodney  20 Feb 1813Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland F12362


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Carnegie / Dewar   F15365
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