Mayfield, East Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Axell, Frank William  Jun 1887Mayfield, East Sussex, England I30258
2 Axell, Walter  21 Apr 1900Mayfield, East Sussex, England I30189
3 Bailey, Amos  1818Mayfield, East Sussex, England I949
4 Bailey, John  1801Mayfield, East Sussex, England I944
5 Bailey, Nicholas  Apr 1806Mayfield, East Sussex, England I946
6 Bailey, Philadelphia  1806Mayfield, East Sussex, England I945
7 Bailey, Richard  1747Mayfield, East Sussex, England I877
8 Baker, Allan Spencer  8 Oct 1888Mayfield, East Sussex, England I23010
9 Baker, Bertram  20 Mar 1894Mayfield, East Sussex, England I23013
10 Baker, Charles  1867Mayfield, East Sussex, England I22995
11 Baker, Eli  Jun 1870Mayfield, East Sussex, England I23003
12 Baker, Florence Adelaide  Dec 1895Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25090
13 Baker, George  9 May 1863Mayfield, East Sussex, England I22993
14 Baker, Gertrude  Jun 1894Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25089
15 Baker, Reginald George  28 Dec 1889Mayfield, East Sussex, England I23011
16 Baker, Thomas  1865Mayfield, East Sussex, England I22994
17 Baker, William Bernard  20 Aug 1891Mayfield, East Sussex, England I23012
18 Bones, Abigail  1772Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7275
19 Bones, Ann  1768Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7273
20 Bones, Ann  1805Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26803
21 Bones, Benjamin  1705Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26766
22 Bones, Benjamin  1732Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26763
23 Bones, Eliza  1807Mayfield, East Sussex, England I5380
24 Bones, Elizabeth  1725Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26761
25 Bones, Elizabeth  1765Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7271
26 Bones, Frances  1811Mayfield, East Sussex, England I5379
27 Bones, Hannah  1845Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25661
28 Bones, Harriet  1809Mayfield, East Sussex, England I5378
29 Bones, Harriet Alice  Mar 1860Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25668
30 Bones, Harriott  1839Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25637
31 Bones, James  1773Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7276
32 Bones, James  1812Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26805
33 Bones, James  1849Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25663
34 Bones, John  1692Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26768
35 Bones, John  1734Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26771
36 Bones, John  1737Mayfield, East Sussex, England I5122
37 Bones, John  1766Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7272
38 Bones, Joseph  1701Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7281
39 Bones, Joseph  1728Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26769
40 Bones, Joseph  1774Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7277
41 Bones, Joseph  1798Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26801
42 Bones, Maria  1808Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26804
43 Bones, Maria  Jun 1841Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25660
44 Bones, Mary  1724Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26762
45 Bones, Mary  1835Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25457
46 Bones, Mary A  1863Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25669
47 Bones, Michael  1785Mayfield, East Sussex, England I984
48 Bones, Philadelphia  1797Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26800
49 Bones, Samuel  1776Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7278
50 Bones, Samuel  1780Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7280

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Amos  19 Jul 1818Mayfield, East Sussex, England I949
2 Bailey, John  24 May 1801Mayfield, East Sussex, England I944
3 Bailey, Nicholas  17 Feb 1808Mayfield, East Sussex, England I946
4 Bones, Benjamin  24 Mar 1705Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26766
5 Bones, John  28 Mar 1692Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26768
6 Bones, John  13 Jul 1766Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7272
7 Bones, Joseph  8 Jun 1701Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7281
8 Bones, Joseph  20 Dec 1774Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7277
9 Bones, Philadelphia  5 Mar 1797Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26800
10 Bones, Sarah  21 Mar 1684Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26767
11 Bones, Simon  1 Apr 1694Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26764
12 Bones, Thomas  23 Apr 1699Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26765
13 Bones, Thomas  15 Apr 1770Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7274
14 Bones, William  2 Nov 1794Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26799
15 Bones, William  16 Apr 1815Mayfield, East Sussex, England I5381
16 Heathfield, Harriett  16 Oct 1836Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25180


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bones, Samuel  1777Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7278
2 Bones, Samuel  1795Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7280
3 Bones, Simon  20 Feb 1695Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26764
4 Fenner, Elizabeth  Dec 1803Mayfield, East Sussex, England I21641
5 Fenner, Hannah  1793Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25289
6 Fenner, James  Dec 1803Mayfield, East Sussex, England I21635
7 Fenner, Thomas  Oct 1869Mayfield, East Sussex, England I21354
8 Underhill, Thomas  1800Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26770


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bones, John  6 Nov 1800Mayfield, East Sussex, England I5122
2 Bones, Samuel  27 Oct 1795Mayfield, East Sussex, England I7280


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bones, Harriet Alice  3 Jun 1860Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25668
2 Bones, Sarah  12 Apr 1818Mayfield, East Sussex, England I389
3 Bones, Sarah Ann  20 Mar 1831Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25410
4 Bones, Stephen  5 Sep 1858Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25667
5 Fenner, Charles  25 Aug 1822Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26249
6 Fenner, Charles  5 Dec 1847Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26593
7 Fenner, Mary Ann Edith  4 Nov 1849Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26594
8 Fenner, William Henry Thomas Lazarus  24 Feb 1855Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26595
9 Heathfield, Elizabeth  9 Feb 1845Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25177
10 Heathfield, Mary  21 Jan 1838Mayfield, East Sussex, England I24927
11 Heathfield, Sarah Ann  16 May 1840Mayfield, East Sussex, England I24928
12 Heathfield, Thomas  6 Feb 1842Mayfield, East Sussex, England I25175
13 Parks, Ann  4 Jul 1880Mayfield, East Sussex, England I26599
14 Parks, Emily  1 Apr 1883Mayfield, East Sussex, England I28165
15 Parks, Sophia  6 Feb 1887Mayfield, East Sussex, England I28171
16 Wallis, Amos  28 Oct 1827Mayfield, East Sussex, England I22549
17 Wallis, Charity  5 Sep 1830Mayfield, East Sussex, England I22596


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Lavender  15 Apr 1770Mayfield, East Sussex, England F661
2 Bailey / Skinner  9 May 1829Mayfield, East Sussex, England F696
3 Baker / Wallis  2 Nov 1856Mayfield, East Sussex, England F14464
4 Baldwin / Fenner  2 May 1825Mayfield, East Sussex, England F14456
5 Bones / Simmonds  22 Mar 1858Mayfield, East Sussex, England F15373
6 Carter / Heathfield  9 Dec 1828Mayfield, East Sussex, England F15256
7 Fenner / Comford  4 Jun 1846Mayfield, East Sussex, England F17625
8 Fenner / Cosham  29 Aug 1872Mayfield, East Sussex, England F17750
9 Fenner / Fry  6 Nov 1814Mayfield, East Sussex, England F13175
10 Fenner / Ticehurst  18 Oct 1835Mayfield, East Sussex, England F13176
11 Heathfield / Foard  22 Apr 1835Mayfield, East Sussex, England F11845
12 Langridge / Bones  11 Jun 1827Mayfield, East Sussex, England F17885
13 Parks / Fenner  26 May 1875Mayfield, East Sussex, England F17751
14 Sands / Bones  16 Mar 1830Mayfield, East Sussex, England F3949
15 Underhill / Bones  2 May 1748Mayfield, East Sussex, England F17855
16 Wallis / Fenner  15 Apr 1827Mayfield, East Sussex, England F14462
17 Wicker / Bailey  12 Apr 1823Mayfield, East Sussex, England F706
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