Paddington, London, England



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashley-Cooper, Anthony 10th Earl of Shaftesbury  22 May 1938Paddington, London, England I18640
2 Balfour, Hilda  1862Paddington, London, England I17470
3 Butler, James Hubert Theobald Charles 7th Marquess of Ormonde  19 Apr 1899Paddington, London, England I18801
4 Cager, Lettice E   I3393
5 Cager, Rosie E C   I21773
6 Campbell, Frederick Charles  26 Apr 1903Paddington, London, England I21721
7 Campbell, Olivia  10 Jan 1905Paddington, London, England I21722
8 Churchill, Mary   I11003
9 Compton, Mary   I20677
10 de Grey, Barbara  Jul 1915Paddington, London, England I27522
11 de Trafford, Violet   I4312
12 Douglas-Hamilton, William Alexander Louis Stephen 12th Duke of Hamilton  12 Mar 1845Paddington, London, England I20743
13 Drummond, Olivia Joan   I21264
14 Ellice, Eglantine  9 Jan 1900Paddington, London, England I25398
15 Erskine, John Francis Hervey 13th Earl of Mar  15 Feb 1921Paddington, London, England I21850
16 Gordon, Sir Alastair Ninian John 6th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair  20 Jul 1920Paddington, London, England I21796
17 Gore, Mary Elizabeth   I21700
18 Grosvenor, Robert George 5th Duke of Westminster  24 Apr 1910Paddington, London, England I17336
19 Hardinge, George Edward Charles 3rd Baron Hardinge of Penshurst  31 Oct 1921Paddington, London, England I30415
20 Harrison, Frances Maria  1832Paddington, London, England I6637
21 Jasper, James  1870Paddington, London, England I5853
22 Keppel, Maria Walpole  6 May 1865Paddington, London, England I23285
23 Lascelles, Charles Brian   I20256
24 Leveson-Gower, Lady Mary Cecilia   I18012
25 Lopes, Harry Marcus George   I19080
26 Musgrave, Charles  9 Nov 1913Paddington, London, England I11137
27 Phillips, Peter Mark Andrew   I23905
28 Ponsonby, Robert Charles  6 Jun 1854Paddington, London, England I21979
29 Ricardo, Amy Mary  24 Jun 1847Paddington, London, England I18233
30 Russell, David Hastings   I22400
31 Samson, Arthur L  1883Paddington, London, England I15199
32 Samson, Caroline Anne  1885Paddington, London, England I15197
33 Samson, Reverend Edward  Dec 1845Paddington, London, England I15196
34 Samson, Mary Alice  1886Paddington, London, England I15198
35 Seymour, Lady Margaret Katherine  9 May 1918Paddington, London, England I22153
36 Sinclair, Henry John 2nd Baron Pentland  6 Jun 1907Paddington, London, England I18319
37 Spencer, Edward John 8th Earl Spencer  24 Jan 1924Paddington, London, England I11094
38 St. Aubyn, Hon. Oliver Piers  12 Jul 1920Paddington, London, England I30160
39 Studholme, Henrietta Mary   I30186
40 Treby, Jean   I156
41 Villiers, Lady Nina Joan Edith Virginia  10 Dec 1908Paddington, London, England I18278
42 Windsor-Clive, Gillian Mary  1922Paddington, London, England I25512
43 Windsor-Clive, Other Robert Ivor 3rd Earl of Plymouth   I25513
44 Windsor-Clive, Hon. Richard Archer Alan   I25514
45 Witchell, Lilian Alice  Mar 1897Paddington, London, England I532
46 Young, Dorothea Faith Murray  1890Paddington, London, England I4501


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Acheson, Archibald Brabazon Sparrow 4th Earl of Gosford  11 Apr 1922Paddington, London, England I20883
2 Brabazon, Emma Mary  5 Jul 1914Paddington, London, England I25607
3 Cowper, Richard James Shapland  21 Jul 1938Paddington, London, England I29545
4 Dawnay, Hon. Eustace Henry  15 Dec 1928Paddington, London, England I8933
5 Duncombe, Lady Ulrica  27 Apr 1935Paddington, London, England I30662
6 Grenville, Catherine  6 Nov 1796Paddington, London, England I19923
7 Hamilton-Gordon, Douglas George  24 Apr 1938Paddington, London, England I18666
8 Hand, Emily  18 Aug 1894Paddington, London, England I3590
9 Hay, Lt.-Col. Charles Gore 20th Earl of Erroll  8 Jul 1927Paddington, London, England I18612
10 Jerome, Jennie  29 Jun 1921Paddington, London, England I3350
11 King, Lady Phyllis Edith  6 Dec 1947Paddington, London, England I30020
12 Lyttelton, Rev. Hon. Charles Frederick  3 Oct 1931Paddington, London, England I17328
13 Murray-Aynsley, Clara Emily Stewart  Sep 1894Paddington, London, England I4505
14 Musgrave, Dorothy Annie  Jun 1944Paddington, London, England I20657


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Frederick, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1845Paddington, London, England I3713
2 Morshead, Susanna Elizabeth  5 Sep 1848Paddington, London, England I28131


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coke / Hambourg  Mar 1909Paddington, London, England F12049
2 Dawnay / Beresford  14 Oct 1926Paddington, London, England F13167
3 Schneider / Sinclair  3 Dec 1891Paddington, London, England F1572
4 Shand / Sissons  Sep 1931Paddington, London, England F12387
5 Young / Murray-Aynsley  1888Paddington, London, England F2637
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