Steyning, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barden, Moya F I   I12343
2 Barrance, Eric Arthur Pelham  5 Mar 1916Steyning, Sussex, England I28810
3 Barttelot, Commander James Nigel Walter  27 Jun 1911Steyning, Sussex, England I30770
4 Beauchamp, Emily Grace  15 Nov 1877Steyning, Sussex, England I915
5 Bishop, Bertha M   I3695
6 Bishop, Charles Trayton  13 Jan 1899Steyning, Sussex, England I827
7 Bishop, John E   I3699
8 Bishop, Margaret E   I3701
9 Bishop, Mary F   I3698
10 Bishop, Victor S   I3700
11 Bishop, William Thomas  9 Oct 1900Steyning, Sussex, England I828
12 Boniface, Eva J   I28685
13 Boniface, Hazel V  Jul 1927Steyning, Sussex, England I28914
14 Brown, Arthur Cecil  31 Oct 1918Steyning, Sussex, England I28845
15 Budd, Arthur Frank B  29 Apr 1893Steyning, Sussex, England I29805
16 Budd, Eric Richard  10 Mar 1895Steyning, Sussex, England I29806
17 Budd, Eric Richard  14 May 1923Steyning, Sussex, England I29808
18 Budd, Miranda Matilda S  31 Oct 1924Steyning, Sussex, England I29809
19 Budd, Wilfred C  14 Aug 1926Steyning, Sussex, England I29810
20 Budd, Yvette A   I29812
21 Budd, Yvonne Irene  27 Apr 1930Steyning, Sussex, England I29811
22 Burchett, Kenneth   I10779
23 Coomber, Joseph Arthur  17 Aug 1909Steyning, Sussex, England I31279
24 Dale, Gwendoline   I919
25 Dale, Ronald   I941
26 Dunford, Eleanor Frances  Oct 1905Steyning, Sussex, England I22464
27 Farnfold, Elizabeth  1564Steyning, Sussex, England I6285
28 Farnfold, Elizabeth  1572Steyning, Sussex, England I6355
29 Fish, Brian G   I22735
30 Fish, Jean   I22736
31 Freeman, Leslie Gordon  6 Jun 1921Steyning, Sussex, England I28842
32 Gillam, Harold Arthur  20 Sep 1906Steyning, Sussex, England I10846
33 Golds, Stephen Charles  Jan 1891Steyning, Sussex, England I686
34 Goring, Henry  1647Steyning, Sussex, England I25360
35 Greenfield, Ada Louisa  Apr 1874Steyning, Sussex, England I16511
36 Jinks, Alfred B G   I10875
37 Kelly, Philip Richard  25 Apr 1925Steyning, Sussex, England I4624
38 Knight, David J   I22466
39 Knight, Frank K   I22465
40 Lind, Betty Catherine Rose  31 Jan 1935Steyning, Sussex, England I22905
41 Lind, Catherine Adelaide  27 Jan 1912Steyning, Sussex, England I29803
42 Lind, Marian Rosa  15 Oct 1910Steyning, Sussex, England I17172
43 Lind, Thomas John  26 Dec 1915Steyning, Sussex, England I29804
44 Malkin, Mary P   I3703
45 Morley, Iris   I28859
46 Ockenden, Queenie May  3 Apr 1917Steyning, Sussex, England I940
47 Owen, Audrey Delia  16 Aug 1921Steyning, Sussex, England I350
48 Percy, Gilbert A   I2672
49 Reeves, Harriet Mary  Apr 1888Steyning, Sussex, England I28800
50 Sims, George Arthur  24 Oct 1893Steyning, Sussex, England I909

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bagot, Rt. Rev. Hon. Richard  15 May 1854Steyning, Sussex, England I19122
2 Barden, Rosina Carey  Sep 1923Steyning, Sussex, England I13773
3 Bonham, Colonel Henry Frederick  Mar 1856Steyning, Sussex, England I26226
4 Cager, Alice Mabel  Jun 1916Steyning, Sussex, England I16501
5 Fane, Lt.-Col. Anthony Mildmay Julian 13th Earl of Westmorland  9 Jun 1922Steyning, Sussex, England I27758
6 Golds, Emma  Jan 1901Steyning, Sussex, England I150
7 Golds, Stephen Charles  Jul 1891Steyning, Sussex, England I686
8 Granger, George Charles  Jun 1899Steyning, Sussex, England I227
9 Granger, Maud Gladys  Mar 1917Steyning, Sussex, England I271
10 Hore, Ann  Oct 1853Steyning, Sussex, England I716
11 Hutson, Orpha  Jun 1929Steyning, Sussex, England I13783
12 Legg, Martha  24 Jun 1931Steyning, Sussex, England I1730
13 Montagu, Lady Georgiana Frederica  30 Jul 1892Steyning, Sussex, England I19270
14 Noel, Horace George Wriothesley  Oct 1900Steyning, Sussex, England I24992
15 Pedersen, Mabel M  30 Jan 1996Steyning, Sussex, England I14790
16 Ransom, Emily Ann  Jan 1900Steyning, Sussex, England I28609
17 Russell, Jack Southwell 25th Lord de Clifford  1 Sep 1909Steyning, Sussex, England I17471
18 Saunders, John  Mar 1881Steyning, Sussex, England I5383
19 Saunders, William  1864Steyning, Sussex, England I5384
20 Soper, Bertram John  Jul 1926Steyning, Sussex, England I28804
21 Spicer, Ashby  Oct 1895Steyning, Sussex, England I10783
22 Spicer, Jane  Apr 1885Steyning, Sussex, England I9641


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barttelot / Musgrave  28 Apr 1852Steyning, Sussex, England F13707
2 Bonham / Musgrave  27 Aug 1850Steyning, Sussex, England F17506
3 Budd / Lewis  Apr 1922Steyning, Sussex, England F15267
4 Budd / Ockenden  6 Feb 1882Steyning, Sussex, England F535
5 Burchett / Novis  Apr 1924Steyning, Sussex, England F11137
6 Colepeper / Farnfold  21 Jun 1584Steyning, Sussex, England F4560
7 Dale / Stevens  Sep 1912Steyning, Sussex, England F694
8 Fish / Lind  Jun 1927Steyning, Sussex, England F14365
9 Gardner / Golds  Jan 1924Steyning, Sussex, England F19143
10 Gilham / Dale  Mar 1915Steyning, Sussex, England F691
11 Gillam / Cager  Jul 1933Steyning, Sussex, England F12171
12 Greene / Lind  Jun 1931Steyning, Sussex, England F9240
13 Johnson / Burchett  Oct 1921Steyning, Sussex, England F12173
14 Knight / Dunford  Oct 1925Steyning, Sussex, England F9362
15 Leatherdale / Ransom  Apr 1899Steyning, Sussex, England F18979
16 Lind / Budd  Apr 1909Steyning, Sussex, England F15780
17 Ockenden / Beauchamp  Apr 1903Steyning, Sussex, England F539
18 Ockenden / Downer  20 Feb 1894Steyning, Sussex, England F536
19 Payne / Emm  Mar 1885Steyning, Sussex, England F17547
20 Puttick / Ansell  Mar 1891Steyning, Sussex, England F9368
21 Saunders / Smart  Dec 1904Steyning, Sussex, England F5878
22 Spicer / Reeves  Jan 1915Steyning, Sussex, England F3753
23 Stewart / Herbert  27 Feb 1838Steyning, Sussex, England F10556
24 Willard / Back  Mar 1891Steyning, Sussex, England F11666
25 Willard / Stredwick  Dec 1919Steyning, Sussex, England F20107
26 Willard / Warman  Oct 1920Steyning, Sussex, England F20100
27 Woolgar / Penfold  Jun 1907Steyning, Sussex, England F1273
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