Barton, Cambridgeshire, England



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jackson, Harriet  1861Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24681
2 Marritt, Francis  1864Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I29978
3 Nightingale, Alice Maud  Jul 1899Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I11363
4 Nightingale, Bertie  Apr 1906Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I11367
5 Nightingale, Clara Esther  Sep 1869Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24666
6 Nightingale, David  1741Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24562
7 Nightingale, Eli  Sep 1861Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24664
8 Nightingale, Elizabeth Selina  Dec 1866Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24665
9 Nightingale, Florence  Oct 1888Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24670
10 Nightingale, Henry  1858Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24663
11 Nightingale, Henry  Jan 1901Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I11364
12 Nightingale, Herbert Henry  Oct 1877Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24669
13 Nightingale, John  1755Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24558
14 Nightingale, Joseph  Jul 1853Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24662
15 Nightingale, Peter  Jul 1874Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24668
16 Nightingale, Rachel  Jun 1872Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I29977
17 Nightingale, Robert  1744Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I23988
18 Nightingale, Robert W  1879Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24673
19 Papworth, Eva Alice   I11660
20 Papworth, Horace William  1908Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I11370
21 Papworth, William John  1872Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I11369
22 Rayner, Arthur Ernest  Mar 1901Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I29998
23 Rayner, Dorothy Nellie  Mar 1905Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I30000
24 Rayner, Edith Elsie  Mar 1903Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I29999
25 Rayner, John Francis  1870Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I29996
26 Rayner, William John  Sep 1899Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I29997
27 Smith, Mary Jane  1860Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24671
28 Webb, Emma  1854Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24667


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Nightingale, Elizabeth Selina  22 Nov 1866Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I24665
2 Nightingale, Rachel  7 Jul 1872Barton, Cambridgeshire, England I29977
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