Camberwell, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Kathleen M   I3138
2 Bourne, Henry  1879Camberwell, London, England I20766
3 Bourne, William C  1876Camberwell, London, England I20765
4 Bowyer, Edmond  1548Camberwell, London, England I6334
5 Bowyer, Elizabeth  10 Jun 1553Camberwell, London, England I6330
6 Bunce, Kate  1871Camberwell, London, England I5859
7 Byne, John  1537Camberwell, London, England I6329
8 Byne, Katherine  1552Camberwell, London, England I6333
9 Byne, William  1511Camberwell, London, England I6278
10 Byne, William  1574Camberwell, London, England I6341
11 Charlwood, Frederick W  26 Feb 1915Camberwell, London, England I30926
12 Charlwood, Ivy F   I30927
13 Eastwood, William Seymour  1859Camberwell, London, England I24063
14 Helsdon, Phyllis Doris  23 Jun 1910Camberwell, London, England I26019
15 Jasper, Arthur Robert John  Sep 1890Camberwell, London, England I5858
16 Jasper, Ellen  Jun 1893Camberwell, London, England I5879
17 Jefferys, Iris Lily  15 Jul 1926Camberwell, London, England I29082
18 Knott, Lillie Victoria  24 May 1879Camberwell, London, England I2116
19 Lambourn, Norah   I28864
20 Lambourn, William George  1871Camberwell, London, England I28863
21 Langford, Amy Elizabeth   I24069
22 Langford, Violet Primrose  22 Apr 1915Camberwell, London, England I24085
23 Levy, Leonard G   I30938
24 Lovelock, William M  Jan 1866Camberwell, London, England I27500
25 Lumbard, George Ernest  20 Jan 1915Camberwell, London, England I1054
26 Marden, Rosena  1876Camberwell, London, England I5017
27 Monypenny, Eleanor Agnes  Jun 1892Camberwell, London, England I15451
28 Musgrave, Charles Horace  11 Oct 1874Camberwell, London, England I61
29 Musgrave, Ida Mary  Sep 1872Camberwell, London, England I65
30 Musgrave, Louis Victor  20 Jul 1870Camberwell, London, England I54
31 Noad, John M   I993
32 Ockenden, Kenneth J   I29084
33 Ockenden, Sheila C   I29083
34 Pink, Frank  Dec 1910Camberwell, London, England I1376
35 Puttick, Harold  Apr 1892Camberwell, London, England I13770
36 Pyatt, Percival Henry  Jan 1891Camberwell, London, England I26120
37 Rashbrook, Hilda Hannah  31 Mar 1904Camberwell, London, England I24089
38 Threadgold, Edith Frances  Jan 1886Camberwell, London, England I1362
39 Walhouse, Sophie Elizabeth  1794Camberwell, London, England I8303
40 Wickenden, Violet N   I24091
41 Woods, Charlotte Augusta  1867Camberwell, London, England I8685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Ernest Anthony  Dec 1978Camberwell, London, England I3923
2 Alexander, Samuel  Apr 1899Camberwell, London, England I3919
3 Balsom, Elizabeth Mary  Sep 1980Camberwell, London, England I3137
4 Barrett-Lennard, George  4 Mar 1870Camberwell, London, England I30164
5 Beauclerk, William Topham Sidney  5 May 1950Camberwell, London, England I6343
6 Bourne, Thomas Lawrence  Apr 1893Camberwell, London, England I20763
7 Bowyer, Edmond  18 Feb 1626Camberwell, London, England I6334
8 Butcher, Harriett  13 Jul 1923Camberwell, London, England I726
9 Chapman, Elizabeth Phoebe  Sep 1965Camberwell, London, England I30922
10 Charlwood, Ernest James  Jun 1953Camberwell, London, England I30921
11 Comber, William John  Mar 1953Camberwell, London, England I4723
12 Davis, Mary Ann  Dec 1933Camberwell, London, England I5838
13 Jasper, Albert  Apr 1904Camberwell, London, England I5855
14 Marden, Louisa  Jul 1873Camberwell, London, England I5011
15 Marden, William John  Sep 1945Camberwell, London, England I5015
16 McNeill, Donald Torquil  23 Dec 1910Camberwell, London, England I26234
17 Monypenny, Eleanor Agnes  Dec 1958Camberwell, London, England I15451
18 Moore, Minnie  Dec 1931Camberwell, London, England I1372
19 Noad, Emma Louisa  Mar 1927Camberwell, London, England I27513
20 Rashbrook, Elizabeth Jane  Dec 1871Camberwell, London, England I1367


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bourne / Trickey  15 Dec 1872Camberwell, London, England F13862
2 Byne / Bowyer  25 May 1573Camberwell, London, England F4591
3 Byne / Temple  24 Apr 1622Camberwell, London, England F4594
4 Farmer / Garrard   F736
5 Jasper / Monypenny  10 Mar 1917Camberwell, London, England F4279
6 Lambourn / Golds  Jan 1909Camberwell, London, England F556
7 Langford / Rashbrook  26 May 1898Camberwell, London, England F1012
8 Levy / Charlwood  Dec 1947Camberwell, London, England F20522
9 Maitland / Burgess  24 Nov 1839Camberwell, London, England F13163
10 Maltby / Nightingale  Dec 1915Camberwell, London, England F16384
11 Maynard / Chambers  1927Camberwell, London, England F884
12 Ockenden / Jefferys   F19312
13 Pegler / Rashbrook  Jun 1920Camberwell, London, England F1014
14 Rashbrook / Cottrell  22 Jun 1863Camberwell, London, England F817
15 Rashbrook / Moore  Mar 1897Camberwell, London, England F1010
16 Starmer / Langford  Jun 1939Camberwell, London, England F16018
17 Wickenden / Rashbrook  Sep 1929Camberwell, London, England F16021
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