Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Mary Florence  19 Dec 1928Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24011
2 Barron, Florence Jennie  Mar 1894Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24653
3 Canham, Edward Thomas  1878Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31151
4 Canham, Ivy May  10 Jun 1902Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31152
5 Capes, Gertrude  Jun 1859Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24590
6 Clark, Brian A   I24637
7 Clark, David G   I24638
8 Clark, Pauline R   I24635
9 Dean, David K   I24013
10 Dean, Jeffrey A   I24015
11 Dean, Peter B   I24014
12 Elbourne, Charles  1908Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24795
13 Elbourne, Edward  1910Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24796
14 Elbourne, Maggie  1905Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24794
15 Elbourne, William  1872Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24621
16 Elbourne, William  1903Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24793
17 Farrington, Ann Elizabeth  1839Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24572
18 Goodchild, Michael B   I25995
19 Halls, Alice Mabel  1880Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24797
20 Harrison, Mary Jane  1869Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24624
21 Jarvis, Rosetta E  1888Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24640
22 Kester, Arthur  1874Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31128
23 Kester, Thomas Henry  1905Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31132
24 Kester, Walter Harry  Apr 1872Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31127
25 King, Kevin Peter   I29994
26 King, Michael J   I29992
27 King, Sally J   I29993
28 Long, Charles Cave Allan  Oct 1894Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31182
29 Long, Peter A   I31183
30 Low, Ellen Sophia  Jun 1887Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24649
31 Munns, Horace William  Dec 1894Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24623
32 Nightingale, Alfred George  30 Apr 1903Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31112
33 Nightingale, Allen Andrew  Mar 1888Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24639
34 Nightingale, Arthur  1909Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24599
35 Nightingale, Carolyn D   I24656
36 Nightingale, Charles Arthur  Mar 1889Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24686
37 Nightingale, Dorothy May  1908Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24650
38 Nightingale, Dulcie E   I31167
39 Nightingale, Eileen   I31168
40 Nightingale, Ethel Grace  Mar 1889Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24588
41 Nightingale, Harry  1888Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24587
42 Nightingale, Irene P   I31166
43 Nightingale, John W   I31169
44 Nightingale, May  Mar 1886Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24586
45 Nightingale, Monica Doris May  19 Nov 1907Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31164
46 Nightingale, Olive Frances  15 Jul 1906Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31113
47 Nightingale, Reginald Kenneth  Jan 1910Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31165
48 Nightingale, Robert A   I24642
49 Nightingale, Walter Leslie  19 Feb 1910Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31114
50 Sirett, Norah Annie  Apr 1910Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31107

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Mary Florence  2004Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24011
2 Bacon, Francis Thomas  May 1992Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I25326
3 Benton, George Herbert  Mar 1969Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31115
4 Bye, Redvers William  Oct 1986Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I29987
5 Cambridge, Sir George Francis Hugh 2nd Marquess of Cambridge  16 Apr 1981Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I23090
6 Farrington, Ann Elizabeth  1930Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24572
7 Golding, Florence Maud  Sep 1975Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31161
8 Johnson, Oliver Charles  Jun 1964Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31153
9 Juden, Rosemary Joan  Mar 2001Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I3997
10 Kester, David  Jul 1875Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31126
11 Lambton, Lady Violet  1976Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I20972
12 Liddle, Arthur George Victor  Mar 1980Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I4878
13 Liddle, Courtenay James V  Apr 2002Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I21502
14 Marchant, Albert Arthur  Mar 1985Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31159
15 Marritt, Albert George  Jul 1997Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I29986
16 Marritt, Clara  Dec 1926Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I29982
17 Marritt, Elizabeth  Dec 1968Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I29983
18 Marritt, Francis  Dec 1941Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I29978
19 Marritt, Francis  Sep 1985Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I29985
20 Nightingale, Alfred George  Jun 1975Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31112
21 Nightingale, Alice Maud  Sep 1952Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31136
22 Nightingale, Allen Andrew  Sep 1961Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24639
23 Nightingale, Arthur Henry  Mar 1946Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31139
24 Nightingale, Clara Esther  Oct 1951Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24666
25 Nightingale, Dorothy  Sep 1978Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31144
26 Nightingale, Letitia  Jun 1932Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24567
27 Nightingale, Naomi  Sep 1954Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24000
28 Nightingale, Olive Frances  Oct 1994Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31113
29 Nightingale, Robert John  Dec 1957Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31148
30 Nightingale, Walter Leslie  Mar 1997Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31114
31 Nightingale, Young Robert J  May 1984Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24604
32 Thynne, Beatrice Elaine  25 Dec 1969Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I19084
33 Wakefield, Vernon Charles  Dec 1968Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24016
34 Webb, Phyllis Clare  17 Feb 1990Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31099
35 White, Edith Florence  Dec 1974Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24008
36 White, Mabel Winifred  Jun 1984Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I24007


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Nightingale, Ernest  12 Oct 1884Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I31101


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arnold / White  Sep 1926Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F15967
2 Benton / Nightingale  Dec 1931Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F20563
3 Clark / Wakefield   F15974
4 Dean / Arnold   F15970
5 Johnson / Nightingale  Sep 1928Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F20594
6 King / Marritt   F19897
7 Nightingale / Creek   F16432
8 Nightingale / Jarvis  Mar 1913Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F16421
9 Nightingale / Thurston  Jul 1907Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F20581
10 Nightingale / Woollard  Sep 1931Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F20564
11 Shepherd / White   F15975
12 Smith / Lupson  Jun 1938Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F20561
13 Smith / Sirett  Mar 1936Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F20558
14 Topper / Halls  Sep 1903Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F16398
15 Wakefield / Spring   F16414
16 White / Nicholls  2 Nov 1932Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F15969
17 White / Nightingale  Sep 1897Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F15962
18 White / Webb  Mar 1956Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F20554
19 Wingett / Topper  Dec 1932Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England F16538
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