Chelsea, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anson, Major Hugo Edward  1 Jun 1908Chelsea, London, England I12294
2 Anson, Rear Admiral Sir Peter 7th Bt.   I12286
3 Anson, Thomas Patrick John 5th Earl of Lichfield  25 Apr 1939Chelsea, London, England I17307
4 Anson, Lt.-Col. Thomas Wiliam Arnold Viscount Anson  4 May 1913Chelsea, London, England I17306
5 Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, Barbara  24 Oct 1911Chelsea, London, England I30357
6 Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, Frances Jean  29 Jun 1910Chelsea, London, England I30356
7 Ashley, Lillian Blanche Georgiana  24 Jul 1875Chelsea, London, England I20292
8 Ashley, Wilfred William 1st and last Baron Mount Temple  13 Sep 1867Chelsea, London, England I20291
9 Bacon, Sir Edmund Castell 13th and 14th Bt.  18 Mar 1903Chelsea, London, England I25334
10 Baring, Francis Denzil Edward Baron Ashburton  20 Jul 1866Chelsea, London, England I3257
11 Basson, Maureen P   I29065
12 Bingham, Rachel Cecilia  9 Apr 1917Chelsea, London, England I26403
13 Bishop, Charles  15 Aug 1875Chelsea, London, England I634
14 Bishop, Ellen  Jun 1877Chelsea, London, England I635
15 Bowlby, Katherine Isabel Salvin  17 Mar 1885Chelsea, London, England I3426
16 Boyle, Captain Hon. Edward Spencer Harry  8 Oct 1870Chelsea, London, England I17623
17 Bridgeman, Lady Margaret Alice  20 Jan 1872Chelsea, London, England I11723
18 Brooks, Marjorie Nell  11 Dec 1901Chelsea, London, England I25385
19 Bryant, John H   I28897
20 Cameron, Violet Hermione  6 May 1907Chelsea, London, England I20812
21 Campbell, Maud  27 Sep 1873Chelsea, London, England I16522
22 Campbell nee Clarke, Æthel Rosa  1869Chelsea, London, England I22067
23 Charteris, Clare Susan  21 Mar 1884Chelsea, London, England I21427
24 Charteris, Captain Hon. Guy Lawrence  23 May 1886Chelsea, London, England I25480
25 Charteris, Lady Irene Corona  31 May 1902Chelsea, London, England I25498
26 Coke, Lady Alexandra Marie Bridget  10 Feb 1891Chelsea, London, England I26976
27 Colston, Lydia Betty  13 May 1910Chelsea, London, England I5624
28 Compton, Captain Edward Robert Francis  14 Dec 1891Chelsea, London, England I20663
29 Compton, Henry Richard  12 Oct 1899Chelsea, London, England I20698
30 Cowan, Henry E  1846Chelsea, London, England I16324
31 Drummond, Jean Constance  20 Aug 1914Chelsea, London, England I3157
32 Falkiner, Lt.-Col. Sir Terance Edmond Patrick 8th Bt.  17 Mar 1903Chelsea, London, England I10158
33 Farquharson, Myrtle  Mar 1897Chelsea, London, England I20597
34 Fitz-Clarence, Joan Harriet  23 Dec 1901Chelsea, London, England I22838
35 FitzRoy, Charles Francis Mark  5 Mar 1909Chelsea, London, England I23139
36 FitzRoy, Esmé Leila Gertrude  3 Oct 1904Chelsea, London, England I23137
37 FitzRoy, Nigel Horatio Trevor  4 Jul 1889Chelsea, London, England I22858
38 Golds, Andrew R   I28880
39 Gordon-Lennox, Hon. Ivy  16 Jun 1887Chelsea, London, England I18240
40 Graham, Sir Frederick Fergus 5th Bt.  10 Mar 1893Chelsea, London, England I21340
41 Harbourne, Laura  1878Chelsea, London, England I4730
42 Hare, Lady Victoria Alexandrina  1841Chelsea, London, England I18057
43 Hervey, Lady Maria Louisa Helen  Dec 1867Chelsea, London, England I21838
44 Horner, Cicely Margaret  Jun 1884Chelsea, London, England I20985
45 Hudson, Dorothy Margaret  Dec 1890Chelsea, London, England I25199
46 Jeffreys, Captain Christopher John Darrell  Mar 1908Chelsea, London, England I11151
47 Jocelyn, Lady Violet Charlotte Julia Maria  2 Jun 1858Chelsea, London, England I18744
48 Jolliffe, Raymond Hervey 5th Baron Hylton of Hylton   I19651
49 Kenyon-Slaney, Major Robert Orlando Rodolph  13 Jan 1892Chelsea, London, England I20685
50 Lascelles, Sir Francis William  23 Mar 1890Chelsea, London, England I20254

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Acheson, Lady Katherine French  5 Mar 1898Chelsea, London, England I20885
2 Bridgeman, Harriet Georgina Isabel  1921Chelsea, London, England I3479
3 Browne, Valentine Augustus 4th Earl of Kenmare  9 Feb 1905Chelsea, London, England I6664
4 Cadogan, George Henry 5th Earl Cadogan  6 Mar 1915Chelsea, London, England I25041
5 Capell, Mary  7 Jan 1714Chelsea, London, England I15487
6 Corkran, Charles Seymour  22 Nov 1921Chelsea, London, England I24950
7 Digby, George 2nd Earl of Bristol  20 Mar 1676Chelsea, London, England I14478
8 Digby, Lady Leonora Caroline  19 Aug 1930Chelsea, London, England I3245
9 Drummond, Cecil George Ashton  6 Dec 1903Chelsea, London, England I21828
10 Firman, Ivy Blanch  Jun 1971Chelsea, London, England I3281
11 Fitz-Clarence, Joan Harriet  6 Jan 1971Chelsea, London, England I22838
12 Fitzalan-Howard, Bernard Edward 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop  1972Chelsea, London, England I19203
13 FitzRoy, Lady Victoria Alexandrina Mabel  23 Nov 1969Chelsea, London, England I22707
14 Gordon-Lennox, Captain Lord Alexander Francis Charles  22 Jan 1892Chelsea, London, England I17430
15 Grayson, Monica Sheila Harrington  5 Oct 1958Chelsea, London, England I30372
16 Hervey, Lady Adeliza Georgiana  7 Nov 1911Chelsea, London, England I21832
17 Hyde, Edward 3rd Earl of Clarendon  31 Mar 1723Chelsea, London, England I19906
18 Kay, Dorothy Maud  Mar 1961Chelsea, London, England I30769
19 Kerr, Admiral Mark Edward Frederick  20 Jan 1944Chelsea, London, England I23195
20 Knox, Lady Mary Stuart  14 May 1903Chelsea, London, England I26897
21 Labouchere, Francis Anthony  Mar 1951Chelsea, London, England I31042
22 Manningham-Buller, Lt.-Col. Sir Mervyn Edward 3rd Bt.  1956Chelsea, London, England I18833
23 Manningham-Buller, Lt.-Col Sir Mervyn Edward 3rd Bt.  22 Aug 1956Chelsea, London, England I12462
24 Marsham, Charles 5th Earl of Romney  13 Mar 1933Chelsea, London, England I16307
25 Moreton, Edith  Sep 1929Chelsea, London, England I29526
26 Mulholland, Hon. Louisa Frances  25 Mar 1943Chelsea, London, England I3523
27 Pakington, John Evelyn Russell  27 Apr 1897Chelsea, London, England I3410
28 Pelham, Lady Gertrude Augusta  6 Jul 1920Chelsea, London, England I18127
29 Petre, Rt. Rev. Augustus William Berney  21 Mar 1897Chelsea, London, England I22168
30 Petre, Edward Henry  Dec 1902Chelsea, London, England I20403
31 Price, Jane Frances  Jul 1903Chelsea, London, England I29525
32 Rashbrook, Walter  Mar 1949Chelsea, London, England I666
33 Rashbrook, William Brighten  Dec 1937Chelsea, London, England I665
34 Russell, Hon. Sir Odo William Theophilus Villiers  23 Dec 1951Chelsea, London, England I17397
35 Scrope, Henry Aloysius  27 Apr 1950Chelsea, London, England I29518
36 Somerset, Captain Arthur Charles Edward  24 Mar 1948Chelsea, London, England I18572
37 Somerset, George FitzRoy Henry 3rd Baron Raglan  24 Oct 1921Chelsea, London, England I18571
38 Somerset, Major Hon. Granville William Richard  25 Nov 1901Chelsea, London, England I18573
39 Spencer, Lady Lavinia Emily  9 May 1955Chelsea, London, England I11442
40 St. John Mildmay, Sir Henry St. John Carew 4th Bt.  17 Jan 1848Chelsea, London, England I22338
41 Stanhope, Rev. Hon. Fitzroy Henry Richard  11 Apr 1864Chelsea, London, England I8395
42 Townley, Emily Frances  31 Dec 1892Chelsea, London, England I26391
43 Vesey, Lt.-Col. Hon. Sir Osbert Eustace  20 Jul 1957Chelsea, London, England I9298
44 Villiers, George Herbert Hyde 6th Earl of Clarendon  13 Dec 1955Chelsea, London, England I17395


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Cole, Lady Kathleen Mary  20 Dec 1873Chelsea, London, England I19268


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anson / Campbell  Mar 1935Chelsea, London, England F7616
2 Baring / Mullins  25 May 1935Chelsea, London, England F2421
3 Browne / Thynne  28 Apr 1858Chelsea, London, England F4805
4 Cadogan / Sturt  13 Apr 1892Chelsea, London, England F16713
5 Chichester / Whately  26 Dec 1914Chelsea, London, England F16686
6 de Bertodano / Savile  4 Feb 1937Chelsea, London, England F4703
7 Eustace / Percy   F8065
8 Feilding / Bretherton  Jun 1903Chelsea, London, England F14895
9 Finney / Drummond  Sep 1947Chelsea, London, England F2341
10 Fitzalan-Howard / Greenwood  24 Apr 1883Chelsea, London, England F9693
11 Forbes / Lawson  25 Apr 1918Chelsea, London, England F9664
12 Goodwyn / Drummond  Sep 1928Chelsea, London, England F14535
13 Hambro / Martin-Smith  17 Feb 1917Chelsea, London, England F15595
14 Hofmannsthal / Paget   F17758
15 Hussey / Peel  11 Dec 1905Chelsea, London, England F8783
16 McLaren / Paget   F17759
17 Montagu Douglas Scott / Mackintosh   F14631
18 Ryder / Quennell  11 Jan 1929Chelsea, London, England F17092
19 Scrymgeour-Wedderburn / Montagu Douglas Scott  9 Sep 1940Chelsea, London, England F13806
20 Stewart / Howard  26 Oct 1604Chelsea, London, England F9075
21 Wilkinson / Stewart  23 Apr 1914Chelsea, London, England F16691
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