Edenhall, Cumberland, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Legge, Heneage  1742Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20547
2 Musgrave, Anne  1551Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20506
3 Musgrave, Augusta  31 Dec 1830Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20520
4 Musgrave, Barbara  1720Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20530
5 Musgrave, Chardin  1723Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20533
6 Musgrave, Charlotte  1721Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20535
7 Musgrave, Charlotte  1752Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20543
8 Musgrave, Christopher  1539Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20417
9 Musgrave, Sir Christopher 4th Bt.  1631-1632Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20424
10 Musgrave, Rev. Christopher  1714Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20529
11 Musgrave, Sir Edward  1461Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20413
12 Musgrave, Elizabeth  1499Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20421
13 Musgrave, Elizabeth  1747Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20542
14 Musgrave, Elizabeth Mary  1826Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20526
15 Musgrave, George  1687Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26329
16 Musgrave, George  1717Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26487
17 Musgrave, Henrietta  1751Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20550
18 Musgrave, John  1467Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20539
19 Musgrave, Joseph  1713Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26488
20 Musgrave, Julia  1745Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20549
21 Musgrave, June  1471Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20541
22 Musgrave, Margaret  1463Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20537
23 Musgrave, Margaret  1487Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26279
24 Musgrave, Mary  1457Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20540
25 Musgrave, Mary  1485Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26298
26 Musgrave, Mary  1605Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20505
27 Musgrave, Sir Philip 2nd Bt.  21 May 1607Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20422
28 Musgrave, Sir Philip 6th Bt.  1711Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20511
29 Musgrave, Phillip  21 Mar 1661Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20426
30 Musgrave, Richard  1524Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26306
31 Musgrave, Sir Richard 3rd Bt.  1635Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26272
32 Musgrave, Sir Richard Courtenay 11th Bt.  21 Aug 1838Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20497
33 Musgrave, Sir Richard George 12th Bt.  11 Oct 1872Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20500
34 Musgrave, Sir Simon  1510Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20415
35 Musgrave, Sophia  Oct 1839Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20490
36 Musgrave, Thomas  1465Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20538
37 Musgrave, Thomas  1543Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20616
38 Musgrave, Thomas  1639Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20548
39 Musgrave, Thomas  1715Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26332
40 Musgrave, Sir William  1497Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26304
41 Stapleton, Joan  1414Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20581
42 Stapleton, William  1385Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20579
43 Wroughton, Rev. Wiliam  1716Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20654


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Musgrave, Chardin  20 Apr 1723Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20533
2 Musgrave, Charlotte  11 Mar 1721Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20535
3 Musgrave, Rev. Christopher  13 May 1714Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20529


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ellerker, Julian  28 Apr 1591Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20416
2 Hutton, Julian  5 Mar 1659Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20423
3 Musgrave, Augusta  11 Oct 1901Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20520
4 Musgrave, Christopher  17 Oct 1585Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20417
5 Musgrave, Sir Edward  23 May 1542Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20413
6 Musgrave, Elizabeth Mary  3 Dec 1844Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20526
7 Musgrave, Sir Philip 2nd Bt.  7 Feb 1678Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20422
8 Musgrave, Sir Philip Christopher 8th Bt.  16 Jul 1827Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20517
9 Musgrave, Richard  10 Aug 1491Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20412
10 Musgrave, Richard  10 Sep 1555Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26306
11 Musgrave, Sir William  18 Oct 1544Edenhall, Cumberland, England I26304
12 Stapleton, William  26 Aug 1458Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20579
13 Ward, Joan  1540Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20414


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Musgrave, Sir Philip 2nd Bt.  7 Jun 1607Edenhall, Cumberland, England I20422


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aglionby / Musgrave  Jul 1742Edenhall, Cumberland, England F13716
2 Davison / Musgrave  1682Edenhall, Cumberland, England F17539
3 Hassel / Musgrave  20 Aug 1735Edenhall, Cumberland, England F13712
4 Heron / Musgrave  1510Edenhall, Cumberland, England F17541
5 Hogg / Musgrave  3 Oct 1736Edenhall, Cumberland, England F13714
6 Howard / Musgrave  1720Edenhall, Cumberland, England F13630
7 Martindale / Musgrave  1506Edenhall, Cumberland, England F17554
8 Musgrave / Stapleton  1430Edenhall, Cumberland, England F13747
9 Musgrave / Wharton  1545Edenhall, Cumberland, England F17558
10 Stanley / Musgrave  8 Mar 1859Edenhall, Cumberland, England F13687
11 Stapleton / Veteripont  1410Edenhall, Cumberland, England F13746
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