Lewes, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashby, Mary Ann  1832Lewes, Sussex, England I5083
2 Rosetta  1835Lewes, Sussex, England I28578
3 Blaber, Ann  Jan 1841Lewes, Sussex, England I394
4 Nye, Fanny  18 May 1843Lewes, Sussex, England I403
5 Lavender, Ellen Eliza  16 Mar 1866Lewes, Sussex, England I404
6 Lavender, Owen Nye Thomas  24 Apr 1869Lewes, Sussex, England I405
7 Lavender, Frederick William  12 Dec 1870Lewes, Sussex, England I395
8 Lavender, Frederick John  Dec 1871Lewes, Sussex, England I406
9 Lavender, Edith Annie  Oct 1873Lewes, Sussex, England I396
10 Care, Arthur  Apr 1880Lewes, Sussex, England I20899
11 Lavender, Louisa Emily  6 Mar 1884Lewes, Sussex, England I397
12 Lelliott, George  Jan 1891Lewes, Sussex, England I24043
13 Lawrence, Reginald Frederick C  8 Oct 1901Lewes, Sussex, England I28872
14 Wright, Doris Maud  15 Jan 1902Lewes, Sussex, England I31469
15 Trickle, Violet Annie  27 Dec 1904Lewes, Sussex, England I21607
16 Richardson, Leslie George  26 Jun 1914Lewes, Sussex, England I656
17 Pelling, Kathleen Nora  23 Jan 1917Lewes, Sussex, England I13721
18 Lawrence, John R   I28873
19 Lawrence, Ilene D   I28874
20 Frederick, Helen M   I31248
21 Frederick, Christopher H   I31249
22 Frederick, Auriol R   I31250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Lavender, Owen Nye Thomas  30 May 1869Lewes, Sussex, England I405
2 Lavender, Frederick John  31 Dec 1871Lewes, Sussex, England I406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 de Warenne, William I 1st Earl of Surrey  24 Jun 1088Lewes, Sussex, England I7170
2 de Warenne, Isabella  13 Jul 1199Lewes, Sussex, England I7100
3 d’Anjou, Hamelin 5th Earl of Surrey  7 May 1202Lewes, Sussex, England I7099
4 Mockford, John  Jan 1878Lewes, Sussex, England I29724
5 Puttick, Henry  Jun 1884Lewes, Sussex, England I13763
6 Curtis, Alfred James  Jun 1888Lewes, Sussex, England I830
7 Mitchell, Barbara  Oct 1892Lewes, Sussex, England I5031
8 Mills, Martin Luther  Jan 1893Lewes, Sussex, England I17349
9 Jasper, George Alfred  Dec 1898Lewes, Sussex, England I5923
10 Ellice, Elizabeth Georgiana  9 Mar 1899Lewes, Sussex, England I14358
11 Tyrrell, Dinah  Sep 1900Lewes, Sussex, England I29742
12 Blaber, Ann  Bef 1901Lewes, Sussex, England I394
13 Whiley, Louise  11 Feb 1907Lewes, Sussex, England I5547
14 Lavender, Frederick Alvers  Mar 1919Lewes, Sussex, England I391
15 Lavender, Charles William  Sep 1941Lewes, Sussex, England I974
16 Willard, William Charles  Dec 1950Lewes, Sussex, England I30275
17 Pelling, Lily Mary  Mar 1953Lewes, Sussex, England I21520
18 Pelling, Aaron Stanley  Dec 1955Lewes, Sussex, England I13728
19 Lelliott, George  Jun 1960Lewes, Sussex, England I24043
20 Petre, Mary Frances Katherine Baroness Furnivall  24 Dec 1968Lewes, Sussex, England I14232
21 Alleyne, Beatrice Gabrielle Mary  Dec 1970Lewes, Sussex, England I25376
22 Golds, Clarence Septimus  Jun 1974Lewes, Sussex, England I790
23 Goschen, Phyllis Evelyn  7 May 1976Lewes, Sussex, England I30410
24 Sensier, Clara  Mar 1977Lewes, Sussex, England I10799
25 Fox, Doris Marjory  Jul 1988Lewes, Sussex, England I14767
26 Fitzalan-Howard, Lady Mary Rachel  17 Aug 1992Lewes, Sussex, England I14638
27 Granger, George William H  Mar 1999Lewes, Sussex, England I2087
28 Dunford, Joan O  Oct 2002Lewes, Sussex, England I31247


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 d’ Arundel, John 1st Lord Arundel  Lewes, Sussex, England I12386


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Lavender, Ellen Eliza  17 Jun 1866Lewes, Sussex, England I404
2 Lavender, Louisa Emily  20 Apr 1884Lewes, Sussex, England I397


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WIPROB    Person ID 
1 Cager, George  7 Nov 1870Lewes, Sussex, England I5295
2 Granger, Mary Ann  22 Aug 1906Lewes, Sussex, England I42
3 Tollemache, John Richard Delap  19 Jun 1914Lewes, Sussex, England I24911
4 Bodger, Margaret Douglas  29 Dec 1928Lewes, Sussex, England I22979
5 Budd, William Clement  2 Jun 1930Lewes, Sussex, England I23715
6 Grey, Andrew  20 Jun 1933Lewes, Sussex, England I28606
7 Willard, William Charles  16 Sep 1948Lewes, Sussex, England I30276
8 Pelling, Bernard  5 Jun 1963Lewes, Sussex, England I21575
9 Alecock, Douglas Arthur  8 Jun 1965Lewes, Sussex, England I22438


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 de Warenne / de Normandy  1078Lewes, Sussex, England F5143
2 Mockford / Carter  5 Mar 1796Lewes, Sussex, England F19781
3 Campion / Brand  2 Sep 1869Lewes, Sussex, England F16948
4 Lavender / Blaber  Jun 1870Lewes, Sussex, England F302
5 Saunders / Hutson  19 Sep 1874Lewes, Sussex, England F3969
6 Seymour / Saunders  Jun 1890Lewes, Sussex, England F9378
7 Pelling / Leister  Oct 1903Lewes, Sussex, England F6627
8 Furner / Woodgate  Jun 1921Lewes, Sussex, England F3172
9 Baker / Wright  Jun 1933Lewes, Sussex, England F15329
10 Greville / Bingham  11 Jul 1933Lewes, Sussex, England F11432
11 Gillam / Scott  Sep 1946Lewes, Sussex, England F3401
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