Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Battle, Amanda C   I23702
2 Battle, Elisabeth M   I26512
3 Battle, John Durant  26 Sep 1919Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I23701
4 Blyton, Rosa Rebecca  Apr 1860Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I16529
5 Butters, Charles Gordon   I23842
6 Butters, Katherine Mary   I23709
7 Butters, Roger C   I23708
8 Chidley, Rebecca Lyn   I28426
9 Chidley, Simon Ralph   I28425
10 Harrison, Charlotte   I23699
11 Harrison, Elsie  20 Jun 1900Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2091
12 Hattersley, Fanny Thyrza  Dec 1861Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27103
13 Hattersley, Isaac Alfred  Apr 1851Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27104
14 Hattersley, Margaret  Apr 1845Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27100
15 Hattersley, Mary Jane  Jun 1858Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27102
16 Hattersley, Sarah Ann  Apr 1855Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27105
17 Hattersley, William Henry  Apr 1847Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27101
18 Hogg, Kathleen   I23703
19 Musgrave, Agnes  Mar 1889Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I1119
20 Musgrave, Albert  16 Mar 1876Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I1126
21 Musgrave, Albert Edward  17 Jul 1902Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2090
22 Musgrave, Anne E   I23704
23 Musgrave, Arthur  1864Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I1124
24 Musgrave, Carol Christine   I23706
25 Musgrave, Cecil E  22 Dec 1915Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2092
26 Musgrave, Charlotte  16 Dec 1881Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2074
27 Musgrave, Elisabeth M   I2093
28 Musgrave, Frank David  30 Dec 1924Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2094
29 Musgrave, Julia  5 Jan 1862Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I1123
30 Musgrave, Leslie   I23698
31 Musgrave, Michael E   I23705
32 Musgrave, Rodney J   I23707
33 Musgrave, Sydney Arthur  12 Aug 1892Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2070
34 Musgrave, William Frederick  30 Jun 1866Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I1125
35 Pym, Major Alexander Ruthven  7 Oct 1891Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I25324
36 Rudd, Edith Maud  16 Jul 1878Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2089
37 Smith, Eleanor L  1892Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2084
38 Smith, Frank H  1894Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2085
39 Williamson, Charlotte Lucy   I6534
40 Williamson, Naomi Georgina   I6535
41 Williamson, Philippa Olivia   I6536


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Battle, John Durant  Jun 1987Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I23701
2 Buttery, Edith  Dec 1873Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27094
3 Buttery, Joseph  Sep 1915Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27096
4 Fellowes, Maud St Leger  Sep 1890Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I3707
5 Foster, Anne  Dec 1887Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2075
6 Hattersley, Isaac  30 Dec 1897Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27099
7 Keyworth, Benjamin  Jun 1906Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I8734
8 Keyworth, Ira  Mar 1890Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I8698
9 Keyworth, Richard  Dec 1908Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I8696
10 Lynn, Edith  Mar 1977Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I4396
11 Milns, Mary Ann  Mar 1886Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I379
12 Musgrave, Albert  Sep 1961Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I1126
13 Musgrave, Arthur  Jul 1918Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I1124
14 Musgrave, George Brian  Mar 2009Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2100
15 Musgrave, Sydney Arthur  Aug 1977Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2070
16 Musgraves, Alice  Jun 1876Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I382
17 Musgraves, George  17 Jun 1878Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I67
18 Musgraves, William  Jun 1875Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I376
19 Poucher, Catherine  31 Dec 1900Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I1120
20 Roët, Katherine  10 May 1403Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I7790
21 Rudd, Edith Maud  Sep 1957Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2089
22 Sherwood, Francis  Mar 1903Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I26102
23 Sherwood, Sarah Angelina  Jun 1903Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27082
24 Sherwood, William  10 Sep 1869Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27079


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WIPROB    Person ID 
1 Buttery, Joseph  5 Jan 1915Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I27090
2 Marshall, Rebecca  29 Apr 1937Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I2071
3 Musgrave, George  16 Jun 1925Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I69
4 Musgraves, George  2 Aug 1878Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England I67


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bacon / Leslie-Melville  30 May 1901Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F16893
2 Battle / Musgrave   F1543
3 Butters / Musgrave   F15773
4 Buttery / Kealey  Sep 1862Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F18080
5 Chidley / Easton   F9113
6 Keyworth / Brumpton  Jun 1881Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F6176
7 Keyworth / Drury  Oct 1856Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F6175
8 Keyworth / Moss  Apr 1856Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F6160
9 Keyworth / Simmons  Oct 1846Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F6159
10 Musgrave / Harrison  Sep 1924Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F1541
11 Musgrave / Hogg   F1542
12 Musgrave / James  Oct 1891Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F834
13 Musgraves / Dowman  Jun 1888Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F296
14 Musgraves / Foster  Apr 1848Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F291
15 Musgraves / Milns  Oct 1850Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F290
16 Newall / Smith  Sep 1902Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F1534
17 of Gaunt / Roët  13 Jan 1396Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F4929
18 Pelham / Sibthorp  Mar 1907Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F12442
19 Pym / Leslie-Melville  13 Nov 1890Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F16894
20 Smith / Musgraves  Dec 1872Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England F1532
21 Williamson / Battle   F17687
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