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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Astley, Sir Delaval Loftus 18th Lord Hastings  24 Mar 1825London Middlesex England I21113
2 Baring, Hon. Elizabeth  16 Mar 1867London Middlesex England I11447
3 Baring, Lady Jane Emma  1854London Middlesex England I30693
4 Baring, Mary Emily  1838London Middlesex England I9620
5 Barrett-Lennard, George  1819London Middlesex England I30181
6 Beauclerk, Penelope Sarah Blanche  25 Oct 1846London Middlesex England I6344
7 Beauclerk, Lady Sybil Evelyn de Vere  21 Aug 1871London Middlesex England I21916
8 Beauclerk, William Ameleus de Vere 10th Duke of St. Albans  15 Apr 1840London Middlesex England I21908
9 Beresford, Lady Sarah Elizabeth  10 Nov 1807London Middlesex England I21345
10 Berkeley, Hon. Emily Elizabeth Fitzhardinge  1808London Middlesex England I9712
11 Bertie, Montagu 6th Earl of Abingdon  19 Jun 1808London Middlesex England I23542
12 Bingham, Lady Lavinia Mary  1835London Middlesex England I23550
13 Blount, Mary Catherine  1818London Middlesex England I20998
14 Blount, Michael Henry  1790London Middlesex England I20997
15 Brand, Henry Bouverie William 1st Viscount Hampden of Glynde  24 Dec 1814London Middlesex England I22855
16 Bridgeman, Beatrice  1871London Middlesex England I25134
17 Bridgeman, Florence  1877London Middlesex England I25138
18 Bridgeman, George Cecil Orlando 4th Earl of Bradford  3 Feb 1845London Middlesex England I25133
19 Bridgeman, Lady Helena Mary  1876London Middlesex England I25137
20 Bridgeman, Margaret  1872London Middlesex England I25135
21 Bridgeman, Orlando  1874London Middlesex England I25136
22 Bridgeman, Richard  1879London Middlesex England I25139
23 Brudenell-Bruce, Lady Ernestine Mary  1847London Middlesex England I10042
24 Brudenell-Bruce, Sir Henry Augustus 5th Marquess of Ailesbury  11 Apr 1842London Middlesex England I15222
25 Campbell, Sir George William 6th Duke of Argyll  22 Sep 1768London Middlesex England I17983
26 Campbell, John Alexander Gavin 6th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland  30 Mar 1824London Middlesex England I22889
27 Capel, Colonel Sydney Augustus  1798London Middlesex England I9990
28 Cathcart, General Hon. Sir George  12 May 1794London Middlesex England I22141
29 Caunton, Elizabeth  1506London Middlesex England I6326
30 Cavendish, Lady Fanny  1810London Middlesex England I18049
31 Chetwynd, Major Hon. Richard Walter  27 Nov 1859London Middlesex England I18015
32 Chetwynd-Talbot, Cecil Emma  6 Apr 1864London Middlesex England I17413
33 Cholmondeley, Lord Henry Vere  4 Oct 1834London Middlesex England I19445
34 Compton, Lord Alwyne Frederick  5 Jun 1855London Middlesex England I20675
35 Craven, Lady Beatrix Jane  8 Aug 1844London Middlesex England I25054
36 Craven, Emily Georgiana  1846London Middlesex England I25055
37 Craven, Lady Evelyn Mary  1839London Middlesex England I25051
38 Craven, William 2nd Earl of Craven  18 Jul 1809London Middlesex England I25046
39 de Normandy, Joan Princess of England  1188London Middlesex England I5796
40 Drummond, Cecil George Ashton  14 Apr 1839London Middlesex England I21828
41 Drummond, Edgar Atheling  1825London Middlesex England I25114
42 Drummond, Frederica Mary Adeliza  16 Dec 1826London Middlesex England I21826
43 Drummond, Margaret Annabella  1879London Middlesex England I25147
44 Dutton, James Henry Legge 3rd Baron Sherborne  30 May 1804London Middlesex England I19030
45 Egerton, Elizabeth Emma Geraldine  1865London Middlesex England I17476
46 Feilding, Lady Adelaide Emily  1836London Middlesex England I7751
47 Feilding, Lady Katherine Elizabeth Mary Julia  1843London Middlesex England I23406
48 Fitzalan-Howard, Henry 15th Duke of Norfolk  27 Dec 1847London Middlesex England I11580
49 Fitzalan-Howard, Lady Mary Charlotte  13 Dec 1822London Middlesex England I14629
50 FitzHenry, Peter  1145London Middlesex England I5531

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anson, General Sir George  4 Nov 1849London Middlesex England I18919
2 Clarke, William  Jun 1610London Middlesex England I11220
3 Dammartin, Alberic II Comte de Dammartin  19 Sep 1200London Middlesex England I6032
4 de Ponthieu, Maud  1200London Middlesex England I6033
5 Douglas, Harriet  26 Aug 1833London Middlesex England I14785
6 FitzAilwin, Henry  19 Sep 1212London Middlesex England I5533
7 Gresham, Elizabeth  6 Nov 1573London Middlesex England I25550
8 Hamilton, Sir James of Donalong 6th Earl of Abercorn  28 Nov 1734London Middlesex England I15351
9 Herne, Judith  22 Jul 1735London Middlesex England I17376
10 Hylton, Anne  1 Feb 1766London Middlesex England I20627
11 Keppel, Lt.-Col. Hon. George  22 Nov 1947London Middlesex England I21432
12 Lennard, Anne Baroness Dacre  26 Jun 1755London Middlesex England I23204
13 Manners, Eleanor  23 Oct 1679London Middlesex England I16714
14 Musgrave, Christopher  16 Sep 1718London Middlesex England I20638
15 Musgrave, Phillip  2 Jul 1689London Middlesex England I20426
16 Neville, Sir Henry  29 Jun 1629London Middlesex England I25578
17 Villiers, Barbara  13 Dec 1681London Middlesex England I19943
18 Villiers, George Bussy 4th Earl of The Island of Jersey  22 Aug 1805London Middlesex England I15986


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clarke / Weston  10 Feb 1599London Middlesex England F7794
2 Hawley / Musgrave  1705London Middlesex England F13786
3 Murray-Aynsley / Peach  24 Jun 1820London Middlesex England F2620
4 Neville / Smythe  2 May 1609London Middlesex England F17071
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