Wandsworth, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Geraldine M   I1267
2 Adams, Leslie William  6 Jan 1914Wandsworth, London, England I28194
3 Adams, Ronald George  18 Mar 1928Wandsworth, London, England I1266
4 Alexander, Roy E   I3139
5 Barrett, John D   I25994
6 Barrett, Reginald C   I25993
7 Barron, Alfred J  12 Dec 1902Wandsworth, London, England I30986
8 Beaven, Jean M   I23005
9 Bence, Edward Robert  16 Nov 1913Wandsworth, London, England I4639
10 Bence, William Albert  26 Mar 1912Wandsworth, London, England I4636
11 Bishop, Ivy Rose  5 Jun 1914Wandsworth, London, England I3477
12 Bohling, Mabel Ellen   I23835
13 Bristow, Cecil Frederick  12 Jan 1917Wandsworth, London, England I26574
14 Brodrick, George 3rd Viscount Midleton  3 Oct 1730Wandsworth, London, England I19778
15 Brown, Constance L   I4620
16 Bryant, Edward  28 Aug 1910Wandsworth, London, England I28896
17 Bunje, Emily Kate   I938
18 Burridge, Violet D   I31441
19 Chance, Alice E  6 Dec 1911Wandsworth, London, England I549
20 Clark, Irene M   I31433
21 Clark, Jean   I28475
22 Clark, Ronald P   I26149
23 Cole, Violet E   I26524
24 Cozens, George Samuel  20 Oct 1908Wandsworth, London, England I3237
25 Cripps, Ethel Lucy  Jul 1888Wandsworth, London, England I26630
26 Crocombe, Edith Miriam  8 Apr 1879Wandsworth, London, England I1102
27 Crump, Winifred  1 Jan 1894Wandsworth, London, England I4634
28 Dakin, Howard  7 Nov 1938Wandsworth, London, England I1400
29 Dunham, Dorothy  1902Wandsworth, London, England I4716
30 Dunham, Florence Louisa  Mar 1907Wandsworth, London, England I4717
31 Dunham, Mary Ann  1891Wandsworth, London, England I28904
32 Dunham, Thomas H  5 Aug 1910Wandsworth, London, England I4718
33 Dunham, Winifred M   I6234
34 Fisher, Alice Maria  13 Mar 1867Wandsworth, London, England I4856
35 Goodchild, Alan   I1270
36 Goodchild, Alfred James  Apr 1906Wandsworth, London, England I4858
37 Goodchild, Charles Richard  Jul 1908Wandsworth, London, England I4859
38 Goodchild, George  1901Wandsworth, London, England I4719
39 Goodchild, Grace Dorothy  27 Jan 1904Wandsworth, London, England I4861
40 Goodchild, Marjorie Winifred  30 Nov 1921Wandsworth, London, England I31431
41 Goodchild, Roy William   I25997
42 Granger, Eileen Doris  15 May 1916Wandsworth, London, England I11
43 Hockham, Alec James  28 Dec 1932Wandsworth, London, England I90
44 Hockham, James Edward  16 Apr 1902Wandsworth, London, England I93
45 Hockham, Joan D  11 Apr 1927Wandsworth, London, England I26136
46 Hockham, Louisa A   I26148
47 Hockham, Maureen A   I31448
48 Hockham, Terence G   I31449
49 Jackson, Sarah Jane  13 May 1867Wandsworth, London, England I3461
50 Jasper, Walter James  2 Apr 1895Wandsworth, London, England I30916

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Walter Sidney  Jan 1930Wandsworth, London, England I3921
2 Anson, Lady Bertha  30 Aug 1959Wandsworth, London, England I12689
3 Anson, Hon. William  22 Jun 1926Wandsworth, London, England I29107
4 Ballard, Mary Ann  Jul 1854Wandsworth, London, England I5006
5 Barton, William Jesse  Jul 1909Wandsworth, London, England I4547
6 Bass, Mary Ann  Jun 1949Wandsworth, London, England I1423
7 Bence, Arthur Edward  Dec 1938Wandsworth, London, England I850
8 Cochrane, Lt.-Gen. Douglas Mackinnon Baillie Hamilton 12th Earl of Dundonald  12 Apr 1935Wandsworth, London, England I21864
9 Cripps, Ethel Lucy  Sep 1939Wandsworth, London, England I26630
10 Curtis, Ethel Maud  Mar 1978Wandsworth, London, England I4630
11 Dunham, Benjamin George  Mar 1883Wandsworth, London, England I473
12 Dunham, Emily Jane  Jan 1949Wandsworth, London, England I229
13 Dunham, Thomas H  Jul 1977Wandsworth, London, England I4718
14 Flatt, Alice M  Sep 1922Wandsworth, London, England I178
15 Flatt, Jessie Edith  Jan 1976Wandsworth, London, England I179
16 Goodchild, Ada Maud  Jun 1977Wandsworth, London, England I467
17 Goodchild, Ellen Sophia H  Jul 1991Wandsworth, London, England I466
18 Goodchild, Emily Florence  Jul 1905Wandsworth, London, England I442
19 Goodchild, William Charles  Mar 1929Wandsworth, London, England I71
20 Harris, Louisa  Mar 1940Wandsworth, London, England I26137
21 Hockham, James Edward  Mar 1982Wandsworth, London, England I93
22 Howard, Lady Blanche Georgiana  27 Apr 1840Wandsworth, London, England I14337
23 Kent, Olive Annie  Jan 1993Wandsworth, London, England I931
24 Larkin, Elizabeth  Jan 1882Wandsworth, London, England I27850
25 Larkin, Frances  Jan 1872Wandsworth, London, England I27851
26 Leppard, Ellen Louisa  Apr 1996Wandsworth, London, England I30979
27 Leppard, Ernest Stanley  Feb 1988Wandsworth, London, England I30983
28 Leppard, Ronald  Mar 1928Wandsworth, London, England I31000
29 Leppard, William Philip  Sep 1966Wandsworth, London, England I26160
30 Locke, Frederick  Mar 1973Wandsworth, London, England I10473
31 Ludlow, Arthur Leslie  Apr 1988Wandsworth, London, England I2103
32 Maloney, Annie  Jun 1998Wandsworth, London, England I28911
33 Maloney, James  Jun 1932Wandsworth, London, England I28909
34 Maloney, James Patrick  Mar 2001Wandsworth, London, England I28910
35 Marden, Charles Alexander  Dec 1893Wandsworth, London, England I5027
36 Marden, Harriet Gertrude Rose  Jun 1928Wandsworth, London, England I3462
37 Marden, Martha  1901Wandsworth, London, England I3899
38 Musgrave, Arthur Reginald  Sep 1909Wandsworth, London, England I187
39 Ockenden, Jack  Apr 2003Wandsworth, London, England I28481
40 Panter, Lilian Ellen  Dec 1981Wandsworth, London, England I1328
41 Parr, Mary  Oct 1916Wandsworth, London, England I8623
42 Pratt, Jane Esther  Oct 1911Wandsworth, London, England I844
43 Rashbrook, Arthur Thomas  Jun 1969Wandsworth, London, England I1424
44 Rashbrook, Ellen Rachel  1933Wandsworth, London, England I4746
45 Rashbrook, Henry Charles  Dec 1923Wandsworth, London, England I26143
46 Rashbrook, James  1965Wandsworth, London, England I1386
47 Rashbrook, Jane Elizabeth  Mar 1978Wandsworth, London, England I26141
48 Rashbrook, Mabel Florence  Jun 1920Wandsworth, London, England I1260
49 Smith, George  1906Wandsworth, London, England I1194
50 Stannard, Annie Louisa  Jun 1986Wandsworth, London, England I9964

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Marden, Charles Alexander  Oct 1893Wandsworth, London, England I5027


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Lewis  9 Mar 1940Wandsworth, London, England F12774
2 Barrett / Dunham  Sep 1924Wandsworth, London, England F3465
3 Barton / Wardle  Sep 1936Wandsworth, London, England F4101
4 Bence / Johns  Sep 1913Wandsworth, London, England F2347
5 Bishop / Marden  Dec 1913Wandsworth, London, England F2496
6 Bryant / Chance  Oct 1939Wandsworth, London, England F136
7 Clark / Alexander  Oct 1918Wandsworth, London, England F2869
8 Clark / Barton  17 Oct 1917Wandsworth, London, England F3336
9 Clark / Hockham   F17454
10 Cozens / Dunham  Dec 1932Wandsworth, London, England F6945
11 Dunham / Nutley  Mar 1920Wandsworth, London, England F368
12 Dunham / Parr  Dec 1897Wandsworth, London, England F369
13 Foster / Manser  Jun 1946Wandsworth, London, England F972
14 Gilbert / Paterson  Mar 1944Wandsworth, London, England F565
15 Goodchild / Moore   F945
16 Goodchild / Shaw  Jun 1905Wandsworth, London, England F358
17 Guest / Chapman  23 Apr 1867Wandsworth, London, England F11683
18 Hockham / Goodchild  Sep 1926Wandsworth, London, England F3573
19 Hockham / Rashbrook  Jun 1927Wandsworth, London, England F71
20 Jackson / Golds   F129
21 Kampes / Harse  Mar 1925Wandsworth, London, England F11719
22 Kearney / Chance  Jun 1938Wandsworth, London, England F424
23 Keen / Alexander  Apr 1911Wandsworth, London, England F2871
24 Kent / Flatt  Apr 1947Wandsworth, London, England F19189
25 King / Golds   F130
26 Maloney / Stannard  Oct 1919Wandsworth, London, England F6630
27 Marden / Jackson  Jan 1885Wandsworth, London, England F3697
28 Ockenden / Basson   F12429
29 Rashbrook / Burrows  Mar 1945Wandsworth, London, England F1021
30 Rashbrook / Harbourne  Mar 1894Wandsworth, London, England F1016
31 Rashbrook / Harris  Mar 1883Wandsworth, London, England F504
32 Rashbrook / Jones  Jun 1906Wandsworth, London, England F17446
33 Rashbrook / Wade   F16541
34 Rashbrook / Weller  Oct 1896Wandsworth, London, England F1017
35 Simpson / Rashbrook  Sep 1904Wandsworth, London, England F17445
36 Spicer / Berry  Apr 1916Wandsworth, London, England F19009
37 Stannard / Dunham  19 Dec 1907Wandsworth, London, England F375
38 Thorning / Rashbrook  25 Dec 1910Wandsworth, London, England F17447
39 Topper / Kerr   F16501
40 Turner / Stannard  Jun 1929Wandsworth, London, England F6949
41 Walker / Maloney   F19197
42 White / Rashbrook  Sep 1928Wandsworth, London, England F3476
43 Whitfield / Flatt  Apr 1940Wandsworth, London, England F135
44 Willson / Champion  Jan 1903Wandsworth, London, England F18611
45 Willson / Lawrence  Jul 1906Wandsworth, London, England F18613
46 Worsfold / Moore  Jan 1910Wandsworth, London, England F3561
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