Wandsworth, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Ernest Anthony  31 May 1897Wandsworth, Surrey, England I3923
2 Alexander, Mary Martha  13 Jul 1894Wandsworth, Surrey, England I3922
3 Alexander, Walter Sidney  Jan 1893Wandsworth, Surrey, England I3921
4 Baker, Dorothy Evelyn  25 May 1908Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1399
5 Baring, Amyas Evelyn Giles  21 Jan 1910Wandsworth, Surrey, England I3274
6 Baring, S/Ldr Aubrey George Adeane  3 May 1912Wandsworth, Surrey, England I3258
7 Baring, Olivia Constance Leonora  3 Jul 1908Wandsworth, Surrey, England I3278
8 Barton, Ethel Frances  Jun 1896Wandsworth, Surrey, England I4544
9 Barton, Joseph William  23 Jun 1884Wandsworth, Surrey, England I4542
10 Bence, Albert Charles  11 May 1892Wandsworth, Surrey, England I851
11 Bence, Albert Edward  Apr 1871Wandsworth, Surrey, England I843
12 Bence, Arthur Edward  Oct 1889Wandsworth, Surrey, England I850
13 Bence, Charles  Mar 1863Wandsworth, Surrey, England I856
14 Bence, Elizabeth Esther  8 Jul 1885Wandsworth, Surrey, England I848
15 Bence, Ethel Mary  Jul 1881Wandsworth, Surrey, England I846
16 Bence, George  Sep 1864Wandsworth, Surrey, England I857
17 Bence, Harriet Jane  Jul 1879Wandsworth, Surrey, England I845
18 Bence, Henry H  11 Oct 1912Wandsworth, Surrey, England I861
19 Bence, Henry Herbert  Oct 1887Wandsworth, Surrey, England I849
20 Bence, Henry Percival  Jun 1867Wandsworth, Surrey, England I858
21 Bence, Robert William  14 Apr 1883Wandsworth, Surrey, England I847
22 Bence, William  18 Apr 1860Wandsworth, Surrey, England I842
23 Bence, William R   I852
24 Brodrick, Alan 2nd Viscount Midleton  1701Wandsworth, Surrey, England I19777
25 Chance, Evelyn E  5 Oct 1916Wandsworth, Surrey, England I180
26 Church, Frances Katherine  1881Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1189
27 Clayton, Emma Rose  Sep 1884Wandsworth, Surrey, England I860
28 Czarnikow, Ada Louisa  Jun 1867Wandsworth, Surrey, England I3852
29 Dakin, Edward Frederick S  10 Apr 1908Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1398
30 Dann, Henry Percival  Sep 1881Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1190
31 Dann, May Beatrice  27 Jun 1905Wandsworth, Surrey, England I99
32 Dann, Rose Evelyn  20 Jun 1917Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1179
33 Downer, Dorothy Muriel  5 May 1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England I168
34 Dunham, Alice Emily  22 May 1904Wandsworth, Surrey, England I9963
35 Dunham, Charles Benjamin  Dec 1875Wandsworth, Surrey, England I482
36 Dunham, Eliza Annie  Mar 1900Wandsworth, Surrey, England I825
37 Dunham, Elsie  1871Wandsworth, Surrey, England I55
38 Dunham, Emily Jane  13 Dec 1861Wandsworth, Surrey, England I229
39 Dunham, George Percival Henry  Oct 1864Wandsworth, Surrey, England I477
40 Dunham, Jane Emma  Apr 1870Wandsworth, Surrey, England I481
41 Dunham, Louisa  Sep 1878Wandsworth, Surrey, England I483
42 Dunham, William  Apr 1866Wandsworth, Surrey, England I480
43 Dunham, William Charles  29 Sep 1898Wandsworth, Surrey, England I824
44 Farmer, Reginald E   I982
45 Flatt, Alice M  Jun 1918Wandsworth, Surrey, England I178
46 Flatt, Dorothy Elizabeth  3 May 1926Wandsworth, Surrey, England I181
47 Flatt, Jessie Edith  10 Oct 1920Wandsworth, Surrey, England I179
48 Golds, Patricia M   I171
49 Golds, Roger A   I169
50 Golds, Sheila M   I170

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bence, Charles  Sep 1863Wandsworth, Surrey, England I856
2 Bence, George  Dec 1864Wandsworth, Surrey, England I857
3 Bence, Henry Percival  Dec 1869Wandsworth, Surrey, England I858
4 Bence, William  Jun 1940Wandsworth, Surrey, England I842
5 Brighten, Catherine  Mar 1885Wandsworth, Surrey, England I664
6 Byatt, Amelia Ann  Mar 1952Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1265
7 Chambers, Grace V  Jan 1959Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1191
8 Climpson, Ciss Minnie  1961Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1263
9 Dann, May Beatrice  Apr 1957Wandsworth, Surrey, England I99
10 Fitzroy, Henry  5 Dec 1877Wandsworth, Surrey, England I26410
11 Goodchild, Alice Emma  Jan 1891Wandsworth, Surrey, England I449
12 Goodchild, Charles  Jul 1881Wandsworth, Surrey, England I445
13 Goodchild, Charles  Jan 1909Wandsworth, Surrey, England I447
14 Goodchild, Harriet  Apr 1900Wandsworth, Surrey, England I444
15 Goodchild, Joseph  Jan 1893Wandsworth, Surrey, England I454
16 Goodchild, Richard  Mar 1867Wandsworth, Surrey, England I450
17 Gosling, James  Apr 1900Wandsworth, Surrey, England I2473
18 Granger, Elsie Margaret  7 May 1918Wandsworth, Surrey, England I8
19 King, Charles  Jan 1887Wandsworth, Surrey, England I471
20 Le Keux, Emma Patience  Jun 1902Wandsworth, Surrey, England I485
21 Le Keux, Emma Patience  Jun 1902Wandsworth, Surrey, England I2143
22 Le Keux, Sarah Maria  Apr 1838Wandsworth, Surrey, England I2124
23 Levine, Elizabeth  Oct 1895Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1378
24 Murray, Alexander Edward 6th Earl of Dunmore  15 Jul 1845Wandsworth, Surrey, England I15874
25 Musgrave, Charles Reuben  Sep 1894Wandsworth, Surrey, England I186
26 Musgrave, Frederick William Lesley  27 Apr 1971Wandsworth, Surrey, England I89
27 Musgrave, Iris Clara  Feb 1996Wandsworth, Surrey, England I183
28 Rashbrook, Albert Stanley  Mar 1977Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1277
29 Rashbrook, Amelia Ann  1984Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1279
30 Rashbrook, Catherine Martha  Mar 1894Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1091
31 Rashbrook, Frederick  Sep 1921Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1216
32 Rashbrook, Harry Ernest  1933Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1258
33 Rashbrook, Lilian Sarah  1962Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1257
34 Rashbrook, William  1882Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1261
35 Smith, Ellen  18 Jan 1933Wandsworth, Surrey, England I72
36 Summersby, Ernest  19 Jul 2000Wandsworth, Surrey, England I80
37 Tizard, Ann Cox  Oct 1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England I457
38 Wish, Sarah  Oct 1866Wandsworth, Surrey, England I451
39 Witchell, Lilian Alice  Dec 1927Wandsworth, Surrey, England I532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Climpson, Ciss Minnie  5 Apr 1961Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1263
2 Rashbrook, Harry Ernest  13 Mar 1933Wandsworth, Surrey, England I1258


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Brodrick, Alan 2nd Viscount Midleton  31 Jan 1702Wandsworth, Surrey, England I19777


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baring / Snmith  16 Jul 1903Wandsworth, Surrey, England F2418
2 Barron / Leppard  Mar 1927Wandsworth, Surrey, England F17664
3 Barthropp / Doherty  Sep 1922Wandsworth, Surrey, England F20380
4 Bence / Clarke  Mar 1909Wandsworth, Surrey, England F639
5 Bence / Clayton  Jun 1909Wandsworth, Surrey, England F641
6 Chance / Musgrave  Dec 1909Wandsworth, Surrey, England F42
7 Collins / Golds  Mar 1929Wandsworth, Surrey, England F132
8 Dakin / Baker  Jun 1934Wandsworth, Surrey, England F1029
9 Dakin / Rashbrook  8 Jul 1905Wandsworth, Surrey, England F937
10 Dann / Church  12 Jun 1904Wandsworth, Surrey, England F882
11 Eastland / Rashbrook  Jun 1925Wandsworth, Surrey, England F1025
12 Flatt / Musgrave  Mar 1916Wandsworth, Surrey, England F423
13 Golds / Downer  Sep 1934Wandsworth, Surrey, England F123
14 Goodchild / Chambers  Dec 1958Wandsworth, Surrey, England F883
15 Goodchild / Dann  Jun 1927Wandsworth, Surrey, England F59
16 Goodchild / Ling  8 Jun 1924Wandsworth, Surrey, England F359
17 Goodchild / Rogers  Sep 1918Wandsworth, Surrey, England F58
18 Goodchild / Smith  1 Jun 1895Wandsworth, Surrey, England F55
19 Goodchild / Tizard  5 Apr 1857Wandsworth, Surrey, England F351
20 Goodchild / Waller  Dec 1893Wandsworth, Surrey, England F345
21 Goodchild / Willis  Jun 1917Wandsworth, Surrey, England F363
22 Gosling / Goodchild  Jun 1888Wandsworth, Surrey, England F343
23 Harris / Musgrave  Mar 1943Wandsworth, Surrey, England F138
24 Humphries / Musgrave  Sep 1925Wandsworth, Surrey, England F142
25 King / Goodchild  Jul 1878Wandsworth, Surrey, England F355
26 Knights / Goodchild   F434
27 Knott / Bird  Apr 1895Wandsworth, Surrey, England F1558
28 Lee / Golds  Oct 1933Wandsworth, Surrey, England F131
29 Leppard / Robson  4 Jun 1925Wandsworth, Surrey, England F17665
30 Locke / Panter  Jun 1925Wandsworth, Surrey, England F7210
31 Ludlow / Flatt  Dec 1948Wandsworth, Surrey, England F137
32 Marsh / Goodchild  Mar 1885Wandsworth, Surrey, England F347
33 McMullon / State   F3494
34 Moir / Goodchild   F458
35 Munro / Bohling   F15255
36 Murray / Kampes  Jun 1926Wandsworth, Surrey, England F11718
37 Musgrave / Dann  4 Feb 1940Wandsworth, Surrey, England F68
38 Musgrave / Dunham  10 Sep 1889Wandsworth, Surrey, England F41
39 Musgrave / Goodchild  30 Aug 1915Wandsworth, Surrey, England F43
40 Musgrave / Witchell  Jun 1926Wandsworth, Surrey, England F409
41 Olney / Golds  Oct 1924Wandsworth, Surrey, England F112
42 Raikes / Musgrave  Sep 1921Wandsworth, Surrey, England F44
43 Rashbrook / Byatt  8 Nov 1885Wandsworth, Surrey, England F505
44 Rashbrook / Climpson  3 Nov 1910Wandsworth, Surrey, England F938
45 Rashbrook / Hanson  1930Wandsworth, Surrey, England F1027
46 Rashbrook / Matthews  26 Dec 1901Wandsworth, Surrey, England F936
47 Rashbrook / Middlewick  4 Aug 1911Wandsworth, Surrey, England F949
48 Rashbrook / Sewell  29 Aug 1909Wandsworth, Surrey, England F947
49 Rashbrook / Smithers  25 Jul 1896Wandsworth, Surrey, England F1024
50 Rodwell / Bence  Jul 1904Wandsworth, Surrey, England F637

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