Washington, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Butcher, Harriett  18 Nov 1850Washington, Sussex, England I726
2 Downer, John Harold  1892Washington, Sussex, England I770
3 Evershed, Allen  Dec 1881Washington, Sussex, England I893
4 Evershed, Constance  9 Feb 1897Washington, Sussex, England I897
5 Evershed, Daniel  Apr 1885Washington, Sussex, England I895
6 Evershed, Frances  5 Feb 1879Washington, Sussex, England I892
7 Evershed, George  26 Aug 1888Washington, Sussex, England I896
8 Evershed, Percy  Jul 1883Washington, Sussex, England I894
9 Golds, Alfred James  25 Oct 1867Washington, Sussex, England I695
10 Golds, Alice  Jan 1873Washington, Sussex, England I697
11 Golds, Amos  Dec 1869Washington, Sussex, England I696
12 Golds, Ann  7 May 1853Washington, Sussex, England I688
13 Golds, Edward  1860Washington, Sussex, England I503
14 Golds, Frank  Jul 1862Washington, Sussex, England I504
15 Golds, Frank George  Oct 1865Washington, Sussex, England I694
16 Golds, George William  14 Jul 1880Washington, Sussex, England I729
17 Golds, Harry  Dec 1876Washington, Sussex, England I727
18 Golds, Margery Gladys  3 May 1910Washington, Sussex, England I791
19 Golds, Olive  Jan 1861Washington, Sussex, England I692
20 Golds, Robert  Jun 1863Washington, Sussex, England I693
21 Golds, Ruth  Dec 1877Washington, Sussex, England I728
22 Golds, Thomas Edgar  13 Jul 1900Washington, Sussex, England I776
23 Golds, William  24 Aug 1854Washington, Sussex, England I689
24 Golds, William  Oct 1857Washington, Sussex, England I502
25 Goring, Reverend Charles  17 May 1805Washington, Sussex, England I21394
26 Goring, Henry 2nd Bt.  1622Washington, Sussex, England I25359
27 Grover, Ann  1763Washington, Sussex, England I1729
28 Hewlett, Sarah Ann  26 Aug 1877Washington, Sussex, England I730
29 Juden, Pamela Marie   I3999
30 Juden, Rosemary Joan  3 Aug 1923Washington, Sussex, England I3997
31 Juden, William Ernest  26 May 1887Washington, Sussex, England I3995
32 Juden, William James  28 Oct 1918Washington, Sussex, England I3996
33 Knight, George Edward  13 Oct 1880Washington, Sussex, England I13753
34 Mitchell, Arthur Reginald  13 Oct 1909Washington, Sussex, England I740
35 Mitchell, Elsie Mabel  12 May 1902Washington, Sussex, England I737
36 Mitchell, Evelyn Annie  30 Apr 1899Washington, Sussex, England I719
37 Mitchell, Horace William  25 May 1908Washington, Sussex, England I739
38 Mitchell, Maude Mary  Apr 1894Washington, Sussex, England I717
39 Mitchell, Samuel  Apr 1864Washington, Sussex, England I714
40 Mitchell, Sidney Charles Samuel  Aug 1897Washington, Sussex, England I735
41 Mitchell, Violet May  10 Apr 1904Washington, Sussex, England I738
42 Ockenden, Eliza  Mar 1873Washington, Sussex, England I704
43 Ockenden, Frank Golds  Apr 1875Washington, Sussex, England I705
44 Sandham, Ada Margaret  13 Jul 1885Washington, Sussex, England I30777
45 Sandham, Charles Barttelot  Sep 1887Washington, Sussex, England I30778
46 Stiles, Alfred  Mar 1895Washington, Sussex, England I3960
47 Stiles, Charles  Mar 1904Washington, Sussex, England I26573
48 Stiles, Edith Sarah  26 Apr 1899Washington, Sussex, England I3962
49 Stiles, Edward  Jul 1843Washington, Sussex, England I544
50 Stiles, George  1846Washington, Sussex, England I519

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Golds, Edward  1 Apr 1860Washington, Sussex, England I503
2 Stiles, Edward  10 Sep 1843Washington, Sussex, England I544
3 Stiles, George  14 Oct 1849Washington, Sussex, England I519
4 Stiles, Mary Ann  14 Oct 1849Washington, Sussex, England I543


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bacon, Sarah  1937Washington, Sussex, England I3951
2 Downer, James  Jul 1880Washington, Sussex, England I1720
3 Evershed, Daniel Tidy  1928Washington, Sussex, England I891
4 Golds, Alice  28 Jan 1949Washington, Sussex, England I697
5 Golds, Amos  20 Jul 1900Washington, Sussex, England I696
6 Golds, Sarah Jane  1931Washington, Sussex, England I691
7 Mitchell, Evelyn Annie  28 Sep 1947Washington, Sussex, England I719
8 Styles, Rainger  Jun 1939Washington, Sussex, England I546
9 Woolgar, David  20 Oct 1930Washington, Sussex, England I1724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Terry, Ephraim  14 Jun 1843Washington, Sussex, England I5050


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Broadbridge, Beatrice Daisy  29 Dec 1895Washington, Sussex, England I1950
2 Evershed, Allen  18 Dec 1881Washington, Sussex, England I893
3 Evershed, Daniel  26 Apr 1885Washington, Sussex, England I895
4 Golds, Harry  28 Jan 1877Washington, Sussex, England I727
5 Mitchell, Elsie Mabel  29 Jun 1902Washington, Sussex, England I737
6 Stiles, William Rainger  28 Nov 1897Washington, Sussex, England I3961


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Evershed / Evershed  27 Dec 1913Washington, Sussex, England F672
2 Evershed / Golds  8 Jun 1878Washington, Sussex, England F526
3 Golds / Downer  20 Feb 1884Washington, Sussex, England F524
4 Mitchell / Golds  Jul 1893Washington, Sussex, England F532
5 Norton / Byne  3 Jun 1599Washington, Sussex, England F4592
6 Sims / Evershed  2 Sep 1919Washington, Sussex, England F677
7 Woolgar / Golds  Sep 1876Washington, Sussex, England F523
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