Eastbourne, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bannister, Edward Ernest  Oct 1875Eastbourne, Sussex, England I387
2 Bates, Frederick G   I17420
3 Bates, George  1882Eastbourne, Sussex, England I17419
4 Blackman, Ethel May  2 Sep 1902Eastbourne, Sussex, England I22861
5 Blackman, Harry Oscar   I23135
6 Blackman, Thomas Jack  31 Jul 1908Eastbourne, Sussex, England I22899
7 Boyle, Alice Leonora Zacyntha  23 Feb 1886Eastbourne, Sussex, England I17673
8 Collin, Dorothy  1901Eastbourne, Sussex, England I4591
9 Daws, Charles William  1872Eastbourne, Sussex, England I242
10 Daws, Leonard Charles  23 Oct 1895Eastbourne, Sussex, England I243
11 Ede, Frances  Oct 1852Eastbourne, Sussex, England I3979
12 Foljambe, Arthur William de Brito Savile 2nd Earl of Liverpool  27 May 1870Eastbourne, Sussex, England I25189
13 Funnell, Alfred Boniface  Apr 1876Eastbourne, Sussex, England I18179
14 Hide, Audrey D   I21595
15 Huggett, Lawrence  22 Sep 1895Eastbourne, Sussex, England I22541
16 Hughes, Sarah  1783Eastbourne, Sussex, England I5241
17 Hurst, Lilian May  29 Aug 1907Eastbourne, Sussex, England I28681
18 Jones, Helen Louisa  14 Jul 1919Eastbourne, Sussex, England I28945
19 Jones, Phyliss Anne  8 Aug 1912Eastbourne, Sussex, England I28944
20 Lodge, Daisy Edna L  7 Jan 1909Eastbourne, Sussex, England I21580
21 Mann, Harriett  1816Eastbourne, Sussex, England I27853
22 Manser, Edith Florence  30 Dec 1890Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15463
23 Manser, Esther Louisa  6 Apr 1896Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15466
24 Manser, Frank  5 Sep 1893Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15464
25 Manser, Frederick  Oct 1880Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15461
26 Manser, Henry Edwin  Apr 1876Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15459
27 Manser, James  5 Sep 1893Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15465
28 Manser, Joseph  1883Eastbourne, Sussex, England I1341
29 Manser, Laura Beatrice  14 Feb 1885Eastbourne, Sussex, England I1340
30 Manser, Leonard  Jul 1888Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15462
31 Manser, Lottie Margaret  Oct 1886Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15479
32 Manser, Peggy M   I17935
33 Manser, Rosa Hepzibah  Apr 1878Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15460
34 Manser, Walter  1899Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15472
35 Markwick, Mary S C   I30699
36 McMullen, Dorothy Elizabeth G  Oct 1898Eastbourne, Sussex, England I28925
37 Mockford, Olive Kathleen   I22389
38 Mockford, Winifred Grace   I22388
39 Pelling, Christine L   I21586
40 Pelling, Claire J   I21588
41 Pelling, Jason Peter   I21597
42 Pelling, Kathleen M  21 Apr 1929Eastbourne, Sussex, England I10145
43 Pelling, Lesley Jane   I21598
44 Pelling, Matthew William   I21589
45 Pelling, Michael V   I21583
46 Pelling, Peter C   I21584
47 Pelling, William E   I10147
48 Rashbrook, Graham   I1418
49 Reed, Martin J   I19262
50 Rutland, Lily Edith  1879Eastbourne, Sussex, England I17421

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amherst, Lady Mary Sarah Percy  17 Dec 1892Eastbourne, Sussex, England I23299
2 Anson, Anthony John  13 Mar 1981Eastbourne, Sussex, England I12293
3 Axell, Edwin Horace John  Dec 1958Eastbourne, Sussex, England I30217
4 Axell, Frederick George  Sep 1987Eastbourne, Sussex, England I30220
5 Axell, Walter  Dec 1976Eastbourne, Sussex, England I30189
6 Baker, Albert  Mar 1977Eastbourne, Sussex, England I20221
7 Baker, Aubrey Albert  May 1989Eastbourne, Sussex, England I20224
8 Bassett, Mildred May H J  Dec 1979Eastbourne, Sussex, England I30237
9 Bickersteth, John Richard  Dec 1967Eastbourne, Sussex, England I30121
10 Blackman, Margaret Mary C  Dec 1918Eastbourne, Sussex, England I22738
11 Bourne, Albert Douglas  Sep 1983Eastbourne, Sussex, England I2568
12 Byford, Cecil G  Jun 1978Eastbourne, Sussex, England I23445
13 Capelin, Mary  Jan 1895Eastbourne, Sussex, England I167
14 Cavendish, Lady Fanny  30 Dec 1885Eastbourne, Sussex, England I18049
15 Crouch, Flora Frances  Dec 1948Eastbourne, Sussex, England I19267
16 Daws, Charles William  Jun 1902Eastbourne, Sussex, England I242
17 Douglas, Hon. Archibald Roderick Sholto  1971Eastbourne, Sussex, England I21770
18 Ede, Frances  1904Eastbourne, Sussex, England I3979
19 Farquhar, Sybella Charlotte  31 Aug 1886Eastbourne, Sussex, England I14746
20 Frederick, Richard Rising  15 Feb 1952Eastbourne, Sussex, England I3881
21 Fuller, Mary Elizabeth  14 Jan 1989Eastbourne, Sussex, England I28937
22 Funnell, William John  Sep 1987Eastbourne, Sussex, England I1501
23 Goy, Alice  Sep 1980Eastbourne, Sussex, England I988
24 Gurr, Caroline Lade  Mar 1935Eastbourne, Sussex, England I973
25 Hazen, Joseph Ronald William  26 Jan 2005Eastbourne, Sussex, England I28947
26 Huggett, Lawrence  21 Nov 1970Eastbourne, Sussex, England I22541
27 Hurst, Lilian May  Mar 1995Eastbourne, Sussex, England I28681
28 Jenner, Sidney Harold  Apr 1980Eastbourne, Sussex, England I1789
29 Lambert, Florence Ruth E  Apr 1994Eastbourne, Sussex, England I14782
30 Lavender, Frederick William  Mar 1937Eastbourne, Sussex, England I395
31 Lavender, Rosina Caroline  Dec 1976Eastbourne, Sussex, England I975
32 Leeves, James Solomon  Sep 1978Eastbourne, Sussex, England I24044
33 Lodge, Daisy Edna L  Mar 1978Eastbourne, Sussex, England I21580
34 Manser, Esther Louisa  Sep 1971Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15466
35 Manser, Frederick Henry  1972Eastbourne, Sussex, England I17483
36 Manser, Henry  1924Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15427
37 Manser, Stella Jean  1979Eastbourne, Sussex, England I17930
38 Manser, Walter  Mar 1963Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15472
39 Massena de Camin, Horace AndrĂ©  Mar 1929Eastbourne, Sussex, England I1339
40 McMullen, Dorothy Elizabeth G  Sep 1959Eastbourne, Sussex, England I28925
41 Message, Reuben William  19 Sep 1983Eastbourne, Sussex, England I19256
42 Mitchell, Ronald A  Jun 1999Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29042
43 Ottaway, George  17 Sep 1992Eastbourne, Sussex, England I23877
44 Pelling, Gordon  Dec 1987Eastbourne, Sussex, England I21577
45 Pelling, Kathleen M  May 1929Eastbourne, Sussex, England I10145
46 Pelling, Stanley Frank  Mar 1988Eastbourne, Sussex, England I21574
47 Pelling, Victor  Dec 1982Eastbourne, Sussex, England I21576
48 Richardson, Leslie George  2002Eastbourne, Sussex, England I656
49 Sands, Annie Kate  Mar 1973Eastbourne, Sussex, England I14762
50 Snashall, Eric Charles  Jun 1980Eastbourne, Sussex, England I14788

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bannister / Lavender  21 Dec 1904Eastbourne, Sussex, England F328
2 Bourne / McMullen  Apr 1927Eastbourne, Sussex, England F1897
3 Catchpole / Marchant  Jan 1919Eastbourne, Sussex, England F1796
4 Daws / Lavender  Jan 1894Eastbourne, Sussex, England F184
5 Dumbrell / Woodgate  Mar 1906Eastbourne, Sussex, England F3209
6 Ellice / Thomas  11 Apr 1889Eastbourne, Sussex, England F16952
7 Fox / Sinden  Sep 1901Eastbourne, Sussex, England F10010
8 French / Wenham  Dec 1909Eastbourne, Sussex, England F15117
9 Hazelgrove / Markwick   F20358
10 Hazen / Jones  Oct 1942Eastbourne, Sussex, England F19212
11 Holbrook / Lavender  Sep 1919Eastbourne, Sussex, England F732
12 Huggett / Fuller  Dec 1915Eastbourne, Sussex, England F19205
13 Jenner / Hurst  Jan 1929Eastbourne, Sussex, England F1313
14 Manser / Rutland  Dec 1898Eastbourne, Sussex, England F10446
15 Manser / Stretch   F12054
16 Manser / Wenham  Mar 1876Eastbourne, Sussex, England F2916
17 Noel / Jones  1 Oct 1927Eastbourne, Sussex, England F13044
18 Pelling / Baker   F14997
19 Pelling / Hide   F14998
20 Pelling / Lodge  Mar 1929Eastbourne, Sussex, England F14994
21 Pelling / Weekes  Sep 1931Eastbourne, Sussex, England F14988
22 Pettigrew / Pelling   F1099
23 Walker / Barrett  Mar 1915Eastbourne, Sussex, England F14824
24 Weeks / Pollard   F15093
25 Wenham / Ede  Jun 1873Eastbourne, Sussex, England F2912
26 Woodgate / Capelin  Aug 1913Eastbourne, Sussex, England F3212
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