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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 A'Court, Hon Cecilia Maria  1811Marylebone, London, England I26460
2 A'Court, William Henry Ashe 2nd Baron Heytesbury  11 Jul 1809Marylebone, London, England I26461
3 Acheson, Archibald Charles Montagu Brabazon 5th Earl of Gosford  26 May 1877Marylebone, London, England I20886
4 Acheson, Captain Hon. Patrick George Edward Cavendish  30 Jun 1883Marylebone, London, England I20890
5 Acheson, Lady Theodosia Louisa Augusta  1882Marylebone, London, England I20889
6 Alston, Margaret Crichton  Jul 1841Marylebone, London, England I18320
7 Anson, Rear-Admiral Algernon Horatio  3 Aug 1854Marylebone, London, England I18929
8 Anson, Lady Edith  Jan 1871Marylebone, London, England I26238
9 Anson, Frederick Arthur  6 Nov 1850Marylebone, London, England I18928
10 Anson, Janet Katherine Olive  Sep 1867Marylebone, London, England I18930
11 Anson, Sir John William Hamilton 2nd Bt.  26 Dec 1816Marylebone, London, England I18923
12 Anson, Lady Mabel  18 Jul 1882Marylebone, London, England I12693
13 Anson, Lady Mary Maud  Jul 1869Marylebone, London, England I29106
14 Anson, Major Hon. Rupert  7 Nov 1889Marylebone, London, England I12697
15 Anson, Admiral Talavera Vernon  26 Nov 1809Marylebone, London, England I12440
16 Anson, Thomas Edward 4th Earl of Lichfield  9 Dec 1883Marylebone, London, England I12694
17 Anson, Lady Violet  21 Apr 1886Marylebone, London, England I12695
18 Anstruther, Magdalen Janet  19 Apr 1889Marylebone, London, England I30043
19 Astley, Hon. Hester Winifred  17 May 1899Marylebone, London, England I21120
20 Astley, Joan Helen Elizabeth Delaval  12 Nov 1907Marylebone, London, England I25223
21 Baring, Francis Arthur 4th Baron Northbrook  20 Jul 1882Marylebone, London, England I27794
22 Baring, Major Francis Charles  17 Feb 1852Marylebone, London, England I30725
23 Baring, Major Thomas Esmé O.B.E.  7 May 1882Marylebone, London, England I30756
24 Barrington, Hon. Mary Frances  1 Jun 1830Marylebone, London, England I30485
25 Bertie, Charles Peregrine Albemarle   I28467
26 Bickersteth, Anne   I15192
27 Bingham, Lady Barbara Violet  17 Aug 1902Marylebone, London, England I26399
28 Bingham, Maj.-Gen. Hon. Sir Cecil Edward  7 Dec 1861Marylebone, London, England I26395
29 Bingham, John Nigel  26 Aug 1915Marylebone, London, England I3527
30 Bingham, Lady Margaret Diana  16 Sep 1905Marylebone, London, England I26401
31 Bingham, Lt.-Col. Ralph Charles  15 Apr 1885Marylebone, London, England I26402
32 Bingham, Lady Rosalind Cecilia Caroline  26 Feb 1869Marylebone, London, England I16541
33 Birch Reynardson, Rose Catherine  Sep 1853Marylebone, London, England I4708
34 Birch Reynardson, Captain Vere Henry  Mar 1864Marylebone, London, England I18817
35 Boyle, Patrick Robin Archibald 10th Earl of Glasgow   I17798
36 Brewer, Alice  1889Marylebone, London, England I237
37 Brewer, Harry George  Jul 1888Marylebone, London, England I236
38 Brewer, William Edward  Mar 1896Marylebone, London, England I238
39 Brodrick, Lady Moyra Annie  11 Jan 1897Marylebone, London, England I26876
40 Broughton, Ailwyn Henry George 3rd Baron Fairhaven   I31046
41 Butler, Lady Moyra Rosamond  2 Dec 1920Marylebone, London, England I18812
42 Cadogan, Henry Arthur Viscount Chelsea  13 Jun 1868Marylebone, London, England I25043
43 Cavendish, Richard Edward Osborne  23 Nov 1917Marylebone, London, England I22123
44 Cavendish-Bentinck, Lady Ottoline Violet Ann  16 Jun 1873Marylebone, London, England I21526
45 Charteris, Nigel Keppel  10 Mar 1878Marylebone, London, England I21426
46 Chetwynd-Talbot, Lady Victoria Audrey Beatrice  13 Mar 1910Marylebone, London, England I26603
47 Chichester, Major Spencer Frederick  27 Sep 1854Marylebone, London, England I24984
48 Clements, Lady Kathleen  1888Marylebone, London, England I12678
49 Colston, Amy Ruperta  1851Marylebone, London, England I5622
50 Colston, Edward Gloucester Murray  15 Apr 1849Marylebone, London, England I5621

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Legge, William 2nd Earl of Dartmouth  9 Jul 1731Marylebone, London, England I19894


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Agar, Lady Caroline Elizabeth  9 May 1894Marylebone, London, England I17394
2 Andrews, Anne  21 Mar 1841Marylebone, London, England I18502
3 Anson, Thomas George 2nd Earl of Lichfield  7 Jan 1892Marylebone, London, England I19700
4 Anson, Lt.-Col. Thomas Wiliam Arnold Viscount Anson  18 Mar 1958Marylebone, London, England I17306
5 Ashley-Cooper, Anthony 8th Earl of Shaftesbury  13 Apr 1886Marylebone, London, England I11458
6 Ashley-Cooper, Lady Mary Ann  8 Jul 1854Marylebone, London, England I27785
7 Ashley-Cooper, Lady Mary Sibell  2 Aug 1936Marylebone, London, England I18636
8 Astley, Sir Jacob 16th Lord Hastings  27 Dec 1859Marylebone, London, England I21104
9 Bagot-Chester, Hugh Augustus  6 Jan 1938Marylebone, London, England I9429
10 Baring, Major Rt. Hon. Evelyn 1st Earl of Cromer  29 Jan 1917Marylebone, London, England I24056
11 Barrett-Lennard, John  16 Dec 1856Marylebone, London, England I30163
12 Barrett-Lennard, Sir Thomas 1st Bt.  25 Jun 1857Marylebone, London, England I23239
13 Beresford-Peirse, Reverend Richard Windham de la Poer  13 Mar 1952Marylebone, London, England I21729
14 Bingham, George Charles Patrick 6th Earl of Lucan  21 Jan 1964Marylebone, London, England I26398
15 Cavendish, John Compton 4th Baron Chesham  26 Apr 1952Marylebone, London, England I18832
16 Charteris, Clare Susan  3 Dec 1945Marylebone, London, England I21427
17 Chetwynd-Talbot, Charles Henry John 20th Earl of Shrewsbury  7 May 1921Marylebone, London, England I21350
18 Chichester, Hon. Frederick Arthur Henry  18 May 1863Marylebone, London, England I14752
19 Chichester, Henry Spencer 2nd Baron Templemore  10 Jun 1906Marylebone, London, England I14749
20 Clements, Louisa Jane  Jun 1917Marylebone, London, England I29792
21 Clements, Robert Bermingham 4th Earl of Leitrim  5 Apr 1892Marylebone, London, England I12674
22 Coke, Lady Julia  7 Aug 1931Marylebone, London, England I7925
23 Colebrooke, Edward Arthur 1st and last Baron Colebrooke  28 Feb 1939Marylebone, London, England I26624
24 Douglas, Lady Bridget  26 Feb 1842Marylebone, London, England I14776
25 Drummond, Sybil  Sep 1919Marylebone, London, England I25086
26 Farquharson, Myrtle  11 May 1941Marylebone, London, England I20597
27 Farquharson, Sylvia  17 Mar 1950Marylebone, London, England I20598
28 Fellowes, Sybil Inna Mildred  18 May 1948Marylebone, London, England I18805
29 Gordon, Lady Charlotte  5 May 1842Marylebone, London, England I15774
30 Gordon-Lennox, Rt. Hon. Lord Walter Charles  21 Oct 1922Marylebone, London, England I18232
31 Grimston, Lady Katherine  Sep 1874Marylebone, London, England I17387
32 Hambro, Ronald Olaf  25 Apr 1961Marylebone, London, England I23419
33 Hamilton, Lord Claud  3 Jun 1884Marylebone, London, England I15594
34 Hamilton, Lady Harriet Georgiana Louisa  23 Apr 1913Marylebone, London, England I16557
35 Hamilton, Ronald James  22 Jan 1958Marylebone, London, England I29098
36 Hood, Emily Beryl Sissy  28 Nov 1928Marylebone, London, England I3229
37 Howard, Emma Agnes  10 Feb 1861Marylebone, London, England I20434
38 Kerr, Major Basil  19 Sep 1957Marylebone, London, England I21720
39 Marjoribanks, Dudley Churchill 3rd Baron Tweedmouth  23 Apr 1935Marylebone, London, England I26878
40 Montagu, Lady Louisa Auguste Beatrice  3 Mar 1944Marylebone, London, England I20735
41 Musgrave, Sir Richard Courtenay 11th Bt.  13 Feb 1881Marylebone, London, England I20497
42 Noad, Bertie Roland  Sep 1935Marylebone, London, England I27582
43 Osborne, Constance Blanche Godolphin  18 Jul 1939Marylebone, London, England I19514
44 Paulet, Charles Ingoldsby 13th Marquess of Winchester  29 Nov 1843Marylebone, London, England I18500
45 Petre, William Henry Francis 11th Baron Petre  3 Jul 1850Marylebone, London, England I20476
46 Seymour, Richard Sturgis  21 Apr 1959Marylebone, London, England I21281
47 Shaw, Horatia  24 Dec 1862Marylebone, London, England I13605
48 Thynne, Lady Katherine Georgiana Louisa  4 Mar 1933Marylebone, London, England I24055
49 Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Lady Maureen Helen  20 Jun 1942Marylebone, London, England I11791
50 Wellesley, Lady Sophia Georgiana Robertina  3 Jun 1923Marylebone, London, England I21601

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Frederick, Augusta Maria  22 Nov 1775Marylebone, London, England I3747
2 Paget, Captain Lord William  29 Mar 1803Marylebone, London, England I11684


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Drummond  28 Jan 1946Marylebone, London, England F2311
2 Argles / Pownall  Sep 1928Marylebone, London, England F14228
3 Baring / Ashley-Cooper  Mar 1905Marylebone, London, England F7945
4 Bertie / Wills   F11294
5 Bingham / Brudenell  29 Jun 1829Marylebone, London, England F15664
6 Bingham / Guthrie  Apr 1884Marylebone, London, England F17607
7 Brodrick / Spencer  25 Jun 1912Marylebone, London, England F16924
8 Carpenter / Mundy  27 Oct 1869Marylebone, London, England F15414
9 Cathcart / Greville  12 May 1824Marylebone, London, England F14786
10 Cecil / Bootle-Wilbraham  16 Aug 1887Marylebone, London, England F17048
11 Colston / Murray  20 Jun 1848Marylebone, London, England F2573
12 Digby / FitzMaurice  2 Jun 1886Marylebone, London, England F2403
13 Duff / Dawes  12 Aug 1785Marylebone, London, England F15161
14 Falkner / Pownall  Mar 1918Marylebone, London, England F2692
15 Frederick / Alexander  29 Jun 1890Marylebone, London, England F4971
16 Johnson / Fawcett   F1110
17 Kerr / Hobart  14 Apr 1793Marylebone, London, England F14279
18 Kerr / Villiers  31 Jul 1930Marylebone, London, England F10538
19 Lawes / Murray  Apr 1854Marylebone, London, England F2572
20 Manners / Marley  10 Jun 1851Marylebone, London, England F14568
21 Meeking / Fletcher  22 Jul 1893Marylebone, London, England F2769
22 Murray / Gostling  Jan 1850Marylebone, London, England F2571
23 Musgrave / Crawhall  10 Feb 1892Marylebone, London, England F17666
24 Musgrave / Frost  Oct 1910Marylebone, London, England F13790
25 Musgrave / Harbord  9 Feb 1895Marylebone, London, England F13692
26 Paget / Colebrooke  29 Mar 1922Marylebone, London, England F17771
27 Petre / Petre  23 May 1849Marylebone, London, England F13677
28 Pratt / Streatfield  31 Jan 1942Marylebone, London, England F2491
29 Russell / Nelke  14 Mar 1917Marylebone, London, England F12099
30 Stapleton-Bretherton / Petre  14 Sep 1869Marylebone, London, England F9665
31 Taylour / Thynne  29 Nov 1875Marylebone, London, England F13928
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