Petworth, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cecil, Lady Anne  1606Petworth, Sussex, England I8175
2 Dawtrey, Ann  1526Petworth, Sussex, England I5120
3 Dawtrey, Anthony  1491Petworth, Sussex, England I6076
4 Dawtrey, Anthony  1530Petworth, Sussex, England I6065
5 Dawtrey, Edmund  1435Petworth, Sussex, England I6082
6 Dawtrey, Edmund  1514Petworth, Sussex, England I6068
7 Dawtrey, Edmund  1528Petworth, Sussex, England I6064
8 Dawtrey, Jane  1518Petworth, Sussex, England I6069
9 Dawtrey, Sir John  1494Petworth, Sussex, England I6061
10 Dawtrey, John  1522Petworth, Sussex, England I6071
11 Dawtrey, John  1532Petworth, Sussex, England I6454
12 Dawtrey, John  1552Petworth, Sussex, England I6456
13 Dawtrey, Margaret  1468Petworth, Sussex, England I6085
14 Dawtrey, Mary  1493Petworth, Sussex, England I6077
15 Dawtrey, Maude  1489Petworth, Sussex, England I6075
16 Dawtrey, Richard  1512Petworth, Sussex, England I6067
17 Dawtrey, Thomas  1495Petworth, Sussex, England I6078
18 Dawtrey, Thomas  1524Petworth, Sussex, England I6063
19 Dawtrey, William  1520Petworth, Sussex, England I6070
20 Dawtrey, William  1550Petworth, Sussex, England I5683
21 de Percy, Sir Henry 1st Lord Percy  25 Mar 1273Petworth, Sussex, England I7213
22 Percy, Lady Elizabeth  1636Petworth, Sussex, England I8179
23 Percy, Henry 2nd Earl of Northumberland  1530Petworth, Sussex, England I8167
24 Smith, Alice Caroline  Oct 1867Petworth, Sussex, England I11294
25 Wood, Isabel  1438Petworth, Sussex, England I6083
26 Wyndham, Maud Evelyn  1 Sep 1874Petworth, Sussex, England I25428


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dawtrey, Sir John  21 Sep 1542Petworth, Sussex, England I6072
2 Dawtrey, William  1590Petworth, Sussex, England I6070
3 Devereux, Lady Dorothy  3 Aug 1619Petworth, Sussex, England I8158
4 Musgrave, Harriet  29 Jul 1863Petworth, Sussex, England I20521
5 Percy, Algernon 10th Earl of Northumberland  13 Oct 1668Petworth, Sussex, England I8174
6 Percy, Lady Dorothy  20 Aug 1650Petworth, Sussex, England I8172
7 Percy, Henry 9th Earl of Northumberland  5 Nov 1632Petworth, Sussex, England I8171
8 Shirley, Jane  7 Jul 1533Petworth, Sussex, England I6073
9 Wyndham, George 1st Baron Leconfield  18 Mar 1869Petworth, Sussex, England I25413
10 Wyndham, George O’Brien 3rd Earl of Egremont  11 Nov 1837Petworth, Sussex, England I19926


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bourke / Wyndham  31 Oct 1848Petworth, Sussex, England F16969
2 Capell / Percy  19 May 1653Petworth, Sussex, England F5838
3 Dawtrey / Hall  1527Petworth, Sussex, England F4431
4 Dawtrey / Moore  1511Petworth, Sussex, England F4422
5 Dawtrey / Polhill  1549Petworth, Sussex, England F4427
6 Dawtrey / Roper  1548Petworth, Sussex, England F4165
7 Dawtrey / Scardeville  1523Petworth, Sussex, England F4418
8 Dawtrey / Shirley  1486Petworth, Sussex, England F4428
9 Dawtrey / Wood  1462Petworth, Sussex, England F4436
10 Mure / Wyndham  28 Apr 1859Petworth, Sussex, England F16968
11 Percy / Cecil  1628Petworth, Sussex, England F5834
12 Sandham / Barttelot  29 Mar 1883Petworth, Sussex, England F20406
13 Wyndham / Ilive  16 Jul 1801Petworth, Sussex, England F13318
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