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    Text NICHOLAS CULPIPER, 16 August 1434. To be buried in the church of the Annunciation of Blessed Mary of Begham before the altar of Saint Laurence ‘iuxtrem meam’ (?iuxta matrem meam). I leave to the Abbot of that place 10s. and each canon 3s. 4d. To the Prior 40s. and Sub-prior 3s. 4s. To the Prior of Combwell to the building of the cloister 40s. To the use of the church of Begham 10 mrcs. On the day of my death and for my month’s day 10 mrcs. I leave to be distributed to the Prior and Convent of Combwell 20s. viz to each priest 3s. 4d., to each novice 20d and particularly to Thomas Chestir canon of Combwell for his labour 6s. 8d.
    To Elizabeth my wife 40 mrcs and Benedicta my daughter to her marriage 100 mrcs. To Walter my brother and his wife 10 marcs and to all their sons 10 mrcs. To Elizabeth my wife all my moveable chattels viz in beasts, utensils of house hold with my gold chain with cross, except the grain at Dodeherst (?Godehurst) which shall remain to my executors to fulfil my will. To be distributed to the poor for my soul on the day of my death, month’s day and anniversary 40s of which Wm. Shepistayle shall have 13s. 4d.
    To Elizabeth my wife to fulfil my Pilgrimages to Blessed Mary of Walsyngham and to Canterbury four marks. To Agnes Dreel ‘famule mee’ 26s. 8d. To Johan Bethnam 20s., Richd Downer and John Pepersham 6s. 8d., and to each groom (garcioni) in the house of Walter my brother 20d. and each handmaid dwelling in that house 20d. To Juliana dwelling in that house 12d. To a secular chaplain to celebrate for my soul and my parents in the church of Blessed Mary of Begham at the altar of Blessed Laurence aforesaid for a year 10 marcs. To Thomas Hellys 13s. 4d. Residue to be distributed in works of mercy. Executors: Walter Culpiper my brother, Elizabeth my wife and Nicholas Watton.
    Proved in the manor of Maydeston 20 January 1434 by Walter Culpiper with reserved powers for the other executors. (456b Chichele I).).2 
    Linked to Colepeper, Nicholas 

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