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    Text Body to he buried in St. Dunstan's Church beside my wife.
    To my sister Fynes a coverlet of satin and a ring of gold with a stone in it.
    To my cousin Joanne her daughter another ring with another stone in it.
    To my cousin Thomas Culpeper who was borne at Wakehurst, my hanging in my hall of arms.
    To my cousin Richard a stone jug covered with silver and gilt and tipped with silver and gilt.
    To Anne Mainwaring a silver spoon and the best cup. To my cousin Joanne, my sister’s daughter, a gilded spoon. To Neale, my wife’s brother, my mourning gown and my best cloak.
    To Edward Bowde my best coat and cap and his wife a pair of sheets.
    To Ellis an old bed. I give out of my house in Northgate with the appurtenances belonging unto it, 6s 8d to the poor of St. Dunstan’s a great piece to be paid at Easter yearly, and 6s 8d to the poor of Westgate and to Norgate as much to the poor and to St. Powles as much.
    Thomas Mainwaring gentleman to be my executor and he is also to have my house to him and his heirs seeing this paid yearly to the poor so long as the world lasts and endures.
    Residue to Thomas Mainwaring, gentleman.

    Proved at Canterbury, 17 Sep 1585. 
    Linked to Colepeper, William 

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