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    Text Abstract of the Will of Thomas Culpeper of Wakehurst

    I Thomas Culpeper of Wakehurst in Ardingly Esq. 16 Feb 1570/1 (13 Elizabeth). · To be buried in the chancel of the parish Church of Ardingly.
    · To four of the poorest householders 20s/- each to buy a cow.
    · To four of the poorest householders of Balcombe 6s/8d each.
    · To four of Hoathly 6s/8d each.
    · My executor shall make three several tombs upon the graves of my grandfather, my father and myself, with inscriptions to be graven in brass and to be fair and comely.
    · Anne, my wife, shall have all her apparel, rings, chains, jewels, and cattle--save my best geldings, which to Mr. Henry Poole, and my third gelding to Mr. George Russeyn.
    · My household stuff, implements of husbandry, plate, armor, and furniture of the wars, half to my wife and half to my son Edward Culpeper when he shall be 21, and to him also my chest and great coffer wherein my evidence lies, furniture of the wars and two silver goblets.
    · Richard Persone my man to have the occupying of Strudgate park which I took of my lord of Burgavenny, until son Edward is 21, maintaining the game of deer.
    · To every one of my brothers--Richard, Nicholas and Thomas, 5 marks apiece.
    · To each of my sisters--Dorothy, Jone, Elizabeth and Anne, 40s/-.
    · To my cousin Thomas Culpeper, my servant, £6/13s/4d.
    · To my cousin John Cupeper, parson of Ardingly, £6/13s/4d.
    · To 'Margaret Tulhe my wife’s maid, £10 and a cow.
    · To Agnes Lansford, Anne Awood and Mary Wildebore, my wife’s maids, 40s/-.
    · To Barnabas Harvie my boy £20 at 24.
    · To my cousins John Ward and Edmond Ward £6/13s/4d each.
    · I make executors, Anne my wife, John Jefferie, Esq., sergeant at the law, William Apesley of Pooninges, the elder, Edward Culpeper my son, Thomas Culpeper my brothar. and Ninion Warde, of Cockfield, unless my wife remarry.
    · And I order my uncle John Fynes of Claverham, Esq., John Apsley the elder of Thackham, Esq. and William Moreley, Esq. to be supervisors.

    As to lands, my wife Anne to have the manor of Wakehurst and my lands in Ardingly, Hoathly, Balcombe, Horsted Keynes and Worth for life, and the reversion of these and all other lands to the other executors until my son Edward is 22 or be married. · My said son to he educated first at the grammar school and in art, and after in the study of the common Laws of this Realm. Forasmuch as my house and all my other buildings at Wakehurst be now very ruinous and altogether decayed, my executors are to furnish new buildings I have set up at Wakehurst, and to either make them good and commodious or purchace free lands for said son and make him an account hereafter. · Remainder of lands to: (i) Edward my son and his heirs, (ii) Richard Culpeper my brother and his heirs, (iii) Nicholas Culpeper my brother and his heirs, (iv) Thomas Culpeper, the younger, my brother and his heirs, (v) to my right heirs. · To executors 33s/4d rent annually until Edward is 22 or married. · To Ninion Ward 33s/4d yearly for his eldest son John Ward to travel on my business. · To Thomas Culpeper my brother 20s/- yearly. · If Ninion Ward die, John his eldest son to be executor. · My cousin Michel Ward, now Master of Arts of Cambridge, to have next presentation of my manor of Oakleigh. · Whereas John Michelborne of Westmeston may sue Ninion Ward for a conveyance from my father to him (J.M) of lands in Clayton held of my manor of Wickham, he is to be saved harmless. · If John Gaston my servant shall remove from Strudgate Lodge to Bolney, he shall have £4. · I owe Ellinor Rootes, now wife of Richard Hider, £30 to be paid from money due to me from John Bolney, Esq. · To my brother Thomas Culpeper, my best gown, satin doublet, and velvet breeches. · To my brother Nicholas Culpeper, £20 and lands called Farncombe and Giles now in the tenure or occupation of my cousin Thomas Culpeper of Balcombe, on condition he does not sell it except to Edward Culpeper my son. · My cousin Ninion Ward. · To Thomas Culpeper, my godson, the son of my brother Richard Culpeper, one of my best colts running in Strudgate. Witnesses: Thomas Payne of Stone, Richard Backshelde, Richard Pilbeame, Mary the wife of Ninion Ward, Margaret the wife of John Culpeper gent. parson of Ardingly, Agnes the wife of the said Thomas Payne, Alice the wife of Richard Burstie, Margaret Tully and others.

    Proved: 31 Nov 1571 by William Babham notary of Thomas Culpeper an executor.
    Power reserved for the other executors. 
    Linked to Colepeper, Thomas 

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